After All The Rushed Media Crucifixion – Suspended PPA boss may be innocent

Former CEO of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), Adjenim Boateng Adjei
Former CEO of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), Adjenim Boateng Adjei

Reports on the PPA case appears to have been rushed. Indeed all the hype and a heightened sense of foreboding got many “Breaking News” addicts glued to their screens in fervent anticipation of polished stories that qualify after a second look as mere allegories.

In-debt analysis of Manasseh’s so-called blockbuster revelations of alleged corruption and conflict of interest will disappoint anyone including us all who likes to see the headache of pervasive corruption nipped in the bud. He fished in wrong waters and will come home empty-handed.

Time will not be wasted on B-Mollie, investigations show the PPA Director knows nothing about the company. Manasseh’s claims about B-Mollie is completely false. If B-Mollie and its operations are not a figment of his poetic imagination, It will be healthy for the entire discussion he offers more than he did.

Now let us kindly and carefully, without malice or prejudice look at the involvement of Mr AB Adjei in matters relating to Talent Discoveries Limited. The likely cause of Conflict of Interest so forcefully pushed by Manasseh in his interview against Mr AB Adjei, will without a doubt fall flat in the face of prevalent facts.

Maybe, Manasseh would have reasonably realized this if as required of a rare brand of proper journalism, a little bit of patience and further scrutiny had been injected into the entire process.

Talent Discoveries Limited (TDL), was incorporated on June 2017 as we all have come to know. They have been engaged in the bidding of contracts since January 2018 for both national and competitive tenders and restrictive tenders at entities seeking diverse solutions.

At birth, it involved two people, Mr AB Adjei and Francis Kwaku Arhin of H/No F638/1 Osu Kuku Hill.

Only four months into this collaboration, Mr AB Adjei opted out. He communicated his disinterest as a director of TDL in writing-and this is documented to the CEO, Francis Kwaku Arhin. The reasons for his resignation was clear and concisely scripted as due to his increasing busy schedule at his work with the Public Procurement Authority.

It is therefore clear here that Mr AB Adjei seized involvement actively or passively as a Director of the Group. Matter of fact, he never has been an active participant of the goings-on in TDL.

Contained in the written communication of his inability to handle the daily management of TDL, He stated succinctly that, the decision is influenced by a higher call to serve his country.

He was subsequently replaced in February 2018 by Mr Ekow Arhin and the records with the TDL captures all these vividly.
Without delving into the dealings of TDL, the mention of Conflict of Interest in the matter is clinging on wobbly feet.

Jayden Yoofi Blay
Freelance Journalist

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  1. I am smelling Asiedu Nketia “Kwasia Bi Nti’ type of money from the so called “Contract for Sale” compensation Manasseh will pay for defaming hard-earned reputation of hard a working public servant.


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