Bolli Blas speaks on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the arts sector

Bolli Blas
Bolli Blas

When everything closed during the pandemic, art galleries were among the first places to shut their doors. Artists who depended on these places to show their work became discouraged and didn’t have a way to sell their paintings. That’s where Bolli Blas came in.

Bolli Blas is a visual artist. The trademark of her pieces is wide-eyed characters that stare back at the viewer, showing a window to the soul. They’re incredibly unique and prove that Bolli is a very talented artist. She has exhibited her work in l New York and outside the US in European museums and art galleries. “It’s amazing when people can see my work,” said Bolli. “I hope to show my paintings in many other galleries in the future as my popularity expands.”

However, Bolli was as surprised as everyone when the pandemic hit and galleries closed. “I realized I had to do something. I wanted to still show my artwork, and I knew that just putting it in an online portfolio wasn’t enough. I had to create buzz.” That’s why she co-founded the new online art gallery called ArtsyNFT. It uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so customers can buy versions of the artist’s work online. “Other people can see and download the artwork, no matter who buys it,” said Bolli. “However, the person who owns it has bragging rights and a way to prove that they own it.” Bolli Blas’s artwork (Dis) Miss Liberty was recently up for bids at $12,882.78, and this is only the beginning while she makes more artwork to put online. “The buzz has been amazing for me. This technology has allowed me to keep making art during the pandemic, and I plan to utilize it long after it’s over.”

Art takes many forms, but digital art is currently booming. If you want to see fine art, places like ArtsyNFT are a fantastic space to do just that

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