CHOICES: What Fits Your Feet?


“We are our choices.” Jean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher

And then I saw them — glossy, perfect, and inviting.

These shoes were just what I had dreamt of, ever since I saw my friend, Kojo, in an identical pair just under a year ago. The temptation was to return the next day financially prepared to grab them, but an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) just nearby offered a fine excuse not to. I ducked in there, loaded my wallet with just enough cedis (as any savvy Ghanaian would, I’d estimated the asking price), and walked the short distance required to pick the shoes up.

In my excitement, I had forgotten one little detail: the shoes needed to be tried on first, as was the would-be seller’s timely reminder.

And so I did, expecting not what I’d soon realize — that they were a couple of inches smaller than my feet. I could walk in them if I tried, but the slight discomfort etched on my face just wasn’t worth it. Off they came, much to my disappointment. I still needed some shoes for an upcoming appointment, though, and the trader — himself not keen on losing out on a potential deal — insisted I try on some of the other ‘correct’ footwear on display.

I did — in order of the appeal each held to me. After a fair few tries, I finally found a pair which offered just the degree of comfort my feet found agreeable. It wasn’t the most attractive option — not even what had drawn me here in the first place — but it certainly was the best fit among the lot. And, come to think of it — it didn’t look so bad, did it?

After a final not-so-longing look at the fine assembly of footwear paraded, I departed — with a bargain and a lesson.

Beyond shodding our feet, there is a plethora of more consequential decisions we are pressed to make throughout our lives: who to love, what study to pursue, and even how to survive. At any of such crossroads, the temptation could be to go the way of a trusted friend, parent, sibling, mentor, or some other guide, and possibly picking an alternative that may have worked for them in the past.

Ultimately, though, the choice rests with you:

That which holds the greatest appeal [to us or to another]?

Or is it the more comfortable path?

Your move, charley.

Images: DreamGene Photography
Text: NY Frimpong
Source: Daily Mail GH

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