CODE 233: Can We Get Some Sleep, Please?


Have you ever been to a Ghanaian party?

Well, typically, the only thing that distinguishes it from a funeral or a wedding reception in terms of structure is the clothing and maybe — just maybe — the mood.

The food and music?

Oh, we enjoy both just the same!

Now, when I say music, I speak of the very loud sort — the kind you could probably hear at the International Space Station if you listened closely enough. No Ghanaian party is ever complete without those huge speakers that require special transportation of their own, blaring out one tune after the other — which is why I’m wide awake right now, though very sleepy.

Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t go to a party, but one has been brought right to my doorstep, in a manner of speaking. See, my immediate neighbors seem to be celebrating something or mourning someone today — I’m not sure because I wasn’t invited, but that’s beside the point — and, whichever it is, they’ve certainly gone the typical Ghanaian way and are blasting the whole street with very loud music.

Actually, this was all well and good during the day, but it appears their stamina has barely faded, as I can still hear the music in my room this late into the night and, trust me, it is no fun experience — not with the speakers so large and powerful that my room seems to shake a little every time a deep bass beat comes on.

At this rate, I really don’t know just how long this will continue, and since I wasn’t invited (seriously, ‘I no bore’😒), I’ll just pretend to enjoy my sleep, pillow over my head.


Joshua Ansah — Daily Mail GH

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