‘Do you go to bed in makeup?’- David Dontoh slams Ghanaian movies

David Dontoh

Veteran Ghanaian actor and TV personality, David Dontoh, believes some Ghanaian movies  have not projected the country’s culture enough.

Speaking on Hitz FM, Dontoh told host of the “Daybreak Hitz” that movies are a form of communicating one’s culture to the world therefore should depict the country’s way of living enough.

“They say culture is our way of life but if it is our way of life, what do we see in our day to day life, do you go to bed in makeup?

“These are things we must capture in our films to the people to determine whether it is from Ghana, Nigeria and India, you must let the world know about who you are otherwise what story are you telling,” Dontoh, popularly called ‘Ghana Man’ said.

He narrated an experience he had in New York during a film festival where the originality of a movie he starred in was questioned.

“I was called up front after the screening. Someone asked what was Ghanaian about the film because there was no sense of identity and I had to dodge the question by telling them we were just demonstrating drama but not necessarily Ghanaian culture,” he said.

He added that his experience in New York has pushed him to drive the Ghanaian agenda in movies.

“A lot of producers will tell you that I am always making sure that there are certain elements in the story that will reflect me as a Ghanaian,” he said.

By Juliana Tamatey, Daily Mail GH

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