FIVE-POINTER: Best Ghanaian Goals in the Premier League


Remarkable goals have always been a staple on the Premier League’s menu, never rare. And, over the years, quite a few of those have been from Ghanaian feet, with Jordan Ayew’s recent fine finish (more on that later) only the latest in a long line of beauties.

Daily Mail GH flips through the album of memories.


England hasn’t seen many players with a bigger appetite for the spectacular than Yeboah, and he showed that on — at least — two occasions. The first came in August 1995, against Liverpool, when a headed ball from a teammate dropped to Yeboah outside the box. A sweet volley, smashed cleanly past a flying David James, followed — and Elland Road never forgot.


A month later, Yeboah was at it again, this time at Selhurst Park versus Wimbledon. Another dropped ball — from the head of an opponent — was followed by a touch on Yeboah’s chest, another on his knee, and a couple on the deck, before he blasted in the goal of his life. Better than the first, if you ask me — but, hey, judge for yourself.


Essien never scored an awful lot for Chelsea, but when he did, it was sometimes special. The pick of the bunch, arguably, came in December 2006 as Jose Mourinho’s invincibility at Stamford Bridge was slipping down the drain of a Mathieu Flamini goal when Arsenal came over from the other side of town. Then Essien, over a distance of 30 yards, bent in a late equalizer from Mourinho’s — and everyone’s — wildest dreams. That he managed to hit the crossbar from just in front of goal, with still time to win it, made the earlier success from a longer range even more incredible.


Nearly a year to the day Essien etched his belter into the consciousness of English football, Muntari left his own mark — twice. Lethal on a trip to Aston Villa, Muntari struck two goals powerfully from a long way out. His second summed up just how beautifully Muntari — at the peak of his powers — blended muscle with flair so effortlessly, bullying one opponent for the ball and nutmegging a second to carve out room he absolutely made the most of. But his first, landed after he’d pried for just enough space past his marker, takes the cake.


Somehow, December finds Premier League-based Ghanaian footballers in inspired scoring form, and Jordan certainly carried on that tradition this week against West Ham. From the right he took flight, and in the box he proved boss — pirouetting past opponents and displaying the calmest nerve when one-on-one with the goalkeeper, crowning it all with a deft chip to sink the Hammers late a second time this season.

NY Frimpong – Daily Mail GH

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