Has Akufo-Addo been lying to Ghanaians?


During the 2016 campaign, I listened to President Akufo-Addo (then candidate Akufo-Addo) make very bold statements about what he was going to do differently and what he was not, as compared to H.E John Mahama (then President Mahama) for which I was convinced and voted for him.

Fast forward to 2020, after four years rule, I am lost for words as to how disappointed I am. I do not regret voting for him in 2016 because it was of my own free will but fortunately, I have the opportunity come December 7, 2020, to rectify my mistake for believing hook, line, and sinker the rhetoric of President Akufo-Addo. It seems in 2016 he preached his wishful self and when voted into power he showed his true self.

Fellow Ghanaians, I am not sure I stand alone in being disappointed in this deception of lies which I will just try to remember a few:

I will not run a family & friends governmentAlleged to have over 20 family members and 50 friends in his government with key positions held by the family and friends.He lied
I will protect the public purseAppointed 125 ministers which goes with its huge cost.He lied
I will not run a corrupt government. Public service is not the place to make money.We witnessed tainted corrupt deals such as the flagship Agyapa and PDS deals, the Ameri deal, BOST contaminated fuel etcHe lied
I will put my presidency on the line to fight illegal mining (galamsey)Excavators confiscated and allegedly used by cronies to do the same galamseyHe lied
I will not borrow. We are “sitting” on money.Borrowed over GHS140bn which is alleged to be more than what all previous governments since independence have borrowed.He lied
I will build 350 Senior High Schools from scratchNot doneHe lied
I will not be cutting sod and commissioning projects in the last months of election just because of votes.Cutting sod for projects all over the placeHe lied
I will make Accra the cleanest city in AfricaNot doneHe lied

Fellow Ghanaians, from the evidence above, it goes without saying that President Akufo-Addo, who said we should try him, has been consistent in doing exactly the direct opposite of what he said he would not do or do. The lies have been too many. I do not think he has built trust by his rhetoric and actions, and giving him another term will be folly on our part. 

For sure, I am not going to be a second fool and do not be either. Do the right thing on December 07, 2020. America reversed their decision on Trump who also asked to be tried after knowing his true self and refused to give Trump another four years. Let us also do the right thing. Indeed 4 More to do What? 

By Pokua Osei-Bonsu

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