I never called your husband broke – Leila Djansi to Danku


Popular Ghanaian/American filmmaker Leila Afua Djansi has disclosed her side of the story after Ghanaian actress Kafui Danku called her names on social media.

Danku attacked the filmmaker, describing her as a ‘dangerous stupid and childish liar’ for speaking ill about her after she refused to give her some dollars.

The filmmaker, Djansi in her response stated that she has, however, contemplated burning her Ghanaian passport as issues of this kind is what pushed her away from the media industry.

She added that she never called Danku’s Canadian husband broke and request the actress to disclose her source in order for her to apologise.

According to her, even though the actress has apologised stating she should have been patient, she still needed to clear the deep misunderstanding emerging between them.

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Welp. This is embarrassing. I might need to burn my Ghana passport after this because it is too much.

I want to apologize to every respectable person on this my Facebook page. I wish I could insulate you and myself from this. it so embarrassing to say the least. But, since it’s already headlines in Ghana, it’s best I soil myself and redeem my image before you.

There is a young actress in Ghana who I have always liked because we belong to the same tribe. In the past couple of months, I have been mentoring her and she has also gone above and beyond to support my cause to raise funds for Baby Doris.

Few weeks, ago, we were told Doris required another chemo round and we need 5,000 dollars. I was at the end of my rope with people to call for money. I had exhausted my own personal funds in the middle of a pandemic.

I called Confidence Haugen and begged her to ask her husband to donate, big. He did. I reached out to most of you here to beg, literally beg for money. Many of you did.

I called Ama K and gave my movie library to Dominion TV in exchange for 1000 dollars. I gave a list of names to Ama and asked her to hustle those folks for funds since I didn’t have a direct link except to one person who I was banking on as last resort.

I honestly do not remember. Kafui is vehemently protecting her source. Which is all well and good. But, I am tired of the character assassination. One of the reasons I walked out of the Ghana film industry has been due to LIES. Fabricated stories. Things you’ve not said or done, you are accused of doing. I asked Kafui herself to repeat to me stuff she’s heard about me so I defend or accept. She told me some and I opened up to what was the truth or what triggered whatever. I ask that question of a lot of people. What have you heard about me?

By Juliana Tamatey, Daily Mail GH

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