IT TAKES TWO: A Toast to Love


“The sight of lovers feedeth those in love.”William Shakespeare, English playwright

A little over four centuries after his death, William Shakespeare’s body of work — spanning the whole gamut of chords that tug at the human heart — sparkles as brightly as any in all of literature: The Tempest‘s magical chimes, Twelfth Night‘s comedy, the racist overtones in Othello, Macbeth‘s toast to the supernatural, and Hamlet‘s cloak of death.

But it is Romeo and Juliet, arguably, that resonates most with Shakespeare’s audiences down to this day for being — as you’re probably well aware — a toast to love, true and tragic.

And why not?

Of the variety shared by a man and a woman enamored with each other, love is possibly the strongest emotion known to our species — but it’s not ours alone, as is evident in these images captured by Dada Oliseh.

Its ebb and flow — firing us to peaks of pleasure one moment and swinging us depressingly low the next — has been covered by thousands, even millions, of creatives as popular as Shakespeare or of a lower profile. But it doesn’t really matter who the artist is, neither is the identity of their subjects of any significance — be they smitten Italian youth or a pair of laughing doves cozying up on a sunny day.

It only takes two to create love, forever to enjoy it . . . and a good camera to savour the moment.

Text: NY Frimpong
Images: Boakye Buckman
Source: Daily Mail GH

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