Justice for Grandma Akua Denteh [POEM]

The author is a student at the University for Development Studies (UDS), Royal Hall, Wa Campus.



It is just so unfortunate, 

she was not the first victim

Neither would she be the last; if to say.

We have become too canny 

Making our actions funny.

Man has become his own God,

Killing people of his own human class.

With no mercy, but compassion in this barbaric act.

Becoming ratters to our own plea; “the black aged lives matter”

Or was Grandma not black?? 


Man has become his own Judge,

Knowing the Witch from which!

Old age then, was somehow riches 

But now we call them witches.

Hence must be mob-lynched against her own wishes.

My mind still boils

Hearing people cheer up this inhumane nonsense in a religious manner.

Where is the show of love to one another the Holy books talk about??

Or it was just a banner??

Why didn’t you help the needy??

Grandma was in need, yes! She needed her life.

But now she has lost it.

All because man now decides who lives and who dies.

I’m scared!

Which is witch?

The ones who killed the said witch,

the crowd that watched the death of the said witch 

Or the dead said witch!

Grandma lost it 

But our fight if can’t win,

Can end this!!!

Peace be unto the aged who have suffered same injustice .

I stand for Justice for Grandma and not just kill.

I’m the Drum that speaks for the African Heritage

By Zumah the Poet © 2020 Contact: 0205980358

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(The author is a student at the University for Development Studies (UDS), Royal Hall, Wa Campus.)

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