Marricke Gane: New political breed causing scare to two main parties in Ghana

Marricke Kofi Gane

Over the past few months, most of Ghana’s youth have been thrown into complete frenzy. A new political wave has swept along the length and breadth of the country and majority of the youth have fully endorsed it with high esteem, massive dedication and a strong exhibit of loyalty. This is, indeed, causing great scare among the rank and file of the NDC and the NPP, as they have their tails on fire.

This new political agenda is known by two tags— #GhanaDeservesBetter and #Gane4Ghana. And its leader is Marricke Kofi Gane, a man they believe has the integrity and the will-power to move Ghana forward. Many Ghanaians are shocked as to how this new political agenda has erupted like a wild volcano, creating euphoria among citizens, both young and old. We, therefore, took the pain to investigate this whole agenda and here are some few exciting facts we gathered.


Marricke Kofi Gane is a certified chartered accountant, an international development expert and a published author. He is a critical thinker and he has worked in over twenty-five (25) countries. Mr. Gane is a hater of mediocrity and challenger of all status quo.

A renowned public speaker worldwide, he hails from Keta in the Volta Region of Ghana. He is a very humble man who easily gets along with any one he meets. Gane is a young gentleman who has an enviable CV and, of course, he is very handsome.

Marricke Kofi Gane has brand new innovative and feasible ideas which have been tried and tested in the countries he has worked.  He has a well-organised team which comprises professionals and technocrats from various disciplines both in Ghana and the diaspora who put their heads together to come out with these policies and, even more importantly, he seems to be doing something revolutionary that most political parties in Ghana don’t— he is getting the youths to OWN the agenda and the campaign for themselves.


Kofi Gane stands for Discipline, Excellence, Integrity, Meritocracy and Respect for all Humankind. He believes every citizen must be seen as the Next Big thing in the world and for which reason he is a strong proponent of (1) Investing in People (Not V8s), (2) Mainstreaming Gender and (3) Making opportunities available to all Ghanaians with no bias towards any geographical location or social status in Ghana.


Kofi Gane’s overall vision is that WE build a Ghana in which: leaders embrace the value of always putting Ghana first; our educational system is grounded in the science and competencies needed to solve our own problems, then others; our public sector is disciplined and understands the future, enough to position Ghana well; our citizens and business are well equipped to stay relevant always. A Ghana of good health and shared equitable prosperity. Kofi Gane has 8 key priority areas his Government will tackle— 4 of which are at the top of his agenda. They include: EDUCATION, HEALTH, AGRICULTURE and INSTITUTIONAL REFORMS. In two sentences – He wants to give Ghana back to ordinary Ghanaians; and he wants to make every Ghanaian Prosper.

It is hard to comprehend how he has been able to gather a great number of supporters nationwide within this short frame of time. However, most of his supporters affirm to the fact that he has a good message and that is what the modern-day Ghanaian stands for.

They are of unshakable belief that Marricke Kofi Gane is going DISRUPT the political landscape this year. He is a gem and by the time he is fully unleashed, the NDC and the NPP would have known that the Ghana we have today is not that same Ghana we had twenty-eight years ago.

The spirits of the youth are high. Marricke Kofi Gane’s visionary messages are spreading in a variety of forms through countless social media platforms like wildfire and people are yearning for more. The youth are on fire. 2020 is going to be the beginning of a new era and we shall be keeping a keen eye on what is ahead, as there is a promise of exciting encounters sooner than we expect!

By Paul Honkani

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