Migrate us to new salary structure or face our wrath— Kumasi TUTAG to govt

Education Minister Mathew Opoku Prempeh

The Kumasi Technical University chapter of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG), is threatening a series of industrial actions if the government fails to migrate its members onto the Public University Salary Structure by end of June.

Addressing a press conference in Kumasi Tuesday, the group’s chairman Ing. Andrews Danquah accused the government of deliberately delaying the migration process.

“Indeed, this delay has caused a lot of dissatisfaction and demotivation among both the teaching and non-teaching staff so much so that we wish to bring to the notice of the public to this seemingly insensitive attitude by the government,” Ing. Danquah said.

According to him, the current government’s lukewarm attitude and show of no commitment towards the Technical Universities and their concerns was because the former Mahama administration initiated the conversion of polytechnics into technical universities.

Ing. Danquah said, “About six TUs [Technical Universities] were converted by an ACT of Parliament of Ghana in 2016, ACT 922. It’s been more than two years since this present government took over but they have found one reason or the other in delaying the transition process and worse of all, the migration of staff of the TUs onto the public university salary structure to enjoy the benefit that came with the new responsibilities that have been placed on us.”

“The government has placed one obstacle or another, ranging from the amendment to the original ACT, adoption of harmonised status, staff audit and all sorts of impediments in completing the conversion and subsequent migration of staff. So despite our being labelled as universities all members and indeed all workers of the TUs do not enjoy the deserved remuneration and respect that goes with it due to the delay tactics being employed by the government in carrying its mandate and responsibilities,” he added.

Ing. Danquah further noted, “We see this foot-dragging as a sign of government who do not believe in the vision of establishing the TUs in the first place.”

He said they find the actions of the government “callous”, warning, “due  to the unnecessary delays we hereby give the government up to the end of June 2019 to migrate all qualified staff of the TUs to their rightful scales on the PUSS [Public University Salary Structure] otherwise together  with our national body we shall advise ourselves within the ambit of the law of the land.”

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