Ode to George Floyd: My black Skin Is A Sin

(Left) Benjamin Zumah, the author. (Right) Police officer, Derek Chauvin, filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck in Minneapolis.

This is yet another unusual time.

Please lend me your ears for this is a bad lime.

I tried to sleep on this matter,

Anytime I closed my eyes my heart stopped breathing.

My mind told me to put my thoughts into ink for I’m a victim and we all are victims

“My black skin is a sin”…

Who is next???

The black man has a tag;

Of being mad

Being bad 

And being a cad.

The same people that stole from us yesterday, call us thieves today.

Is being black a sin at all??

“My black skin is a sin”.

When would this thing of us being called inferior ever fall.

The outspoken but silent part is that our own people still praise them for a penny.

It’s a pity.

“My black skin is a sin”…!

From colonisation to gross discrimination.

These monsters in human form wish the black man was never part of creation.

Treating us in a way they won’t treat their own animals.

“My black skin is a sin”.

What sin have we done ..!

Can you see law and order?

There is nothing but disorder.

White is perfect and black imperfect.

“My black skin is a sin”

Please I can’t breathe

My stomach hurts

My neck hurts 

Everything hurts 

They’re going to kill me.

He exclaimed!!!!

Just because his “Black skin is a sin”

They still decided not to give him life.

It was a beautiful day and he thanked God on his knees.

Little did he know the beauty of life would become ugly with a white man’s knee.

At the flash of life he was called dead. 

The white man is never God.

“My sin is my proud black skin.”

Justice must be served!!

R.I.P to George Floyd and all others who died from this nonsense of racism.

I’m the drum that speaks for the African Heritage. 

I am drown and bleeding in tears.

“My black skin is my sin”

Author: Zumah the Poet, PRO for Royal Hall, UDS/ Wa Campus/0205980358.

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