Okudzeto Ablakwa exposed again over NPP’s ‘One District, One Factory’ claim

Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s mission to dissect the manifesto promises of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has hit a jolt again.

On Monday, the former Deputy Information Minister led a presentation by the NDC which sought to expose what the NDC described as “unfulfilled manifesto promises by the NPP”.

However, since the presentation on Monday, Ablakwa has come under serious pressure to substantiate his claims, as many of the NDC’s claims have been subjected to strict proof by the media.

Following the NDC’s presentation, Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah exposed over 255 non-existent promises which he said Ablakwa and the NDC had concocted to make the NPP appear dishonest.

The Information Minister’s accusation appeared to have been proven on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen on Tuesday when host of the popular show, Osei Bonsu drew Mr. Ablakwa’s attention to some of the claims.

On Tuesday evening, the opposition lawmaker was on Metro TV’s ‘Good Evening Ghana’ show to elaborate on his presser and claims against the NPP.

He credited the NPP with only nine factories under the 1D1F policy. However, show host, Paul Adom Otchere, pointed out to him that assuming the NPP has even established nine factories, it is still an amazing record in three years – a record only the government of Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, can surpass.

Ironic Claim

As Okudzeto Ablakwa and Paul Adom Otchere continued the banter, the North Tongu MP made an ironic claim which surprised viewers.

The NDC MP sought to accuse the founding tradition of the NPP of ending Kwame Nkrumah’s industrialization drive, but viewers’ comments were quick to remind Okudzeto of how his party, the NDC and its root, the PNDC, combined to rip apart Ghanaian industries.

One viewer on Facebook commented that Okudzeto’s PND(C) collapsed a total of 192 state companies between 1989 and 1999, citing the Divestiture Implementation Committee  as his source. 

More Factories Under 1D1F

Meanwhile, Dailymailgh.com’s checks indicate that the list of factories created by the NPP Government in the past three years under the 1D1F is far in excess of nine across the country. 

About 28 new companies built under the 1D1F are currently operating while 31 more are under construction across the country. Apart from this, the 1D1F initiative has also partnered to revive or expand 48 existing companies, which are now operating under 1D1F.

Also under the 1D1F, the NPP government has also partnered the AFdb for over 60 small scale processing factories , which are under construction nationwide.

Below is the list of factories.

1Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Products AICP LimitedProcessing of charcoal into activated carbon and related products for exportAfigya Kwabre SouthAshanti
2Brompton PortfolioManufacturing of toilet roll and paper productsAkuapim South MunicipalEastern
3De United Foods Industries LimitedManufacture of noodles and SpaghettiTema WestGreater Accra
4Ekumfi Fruit Processing CompanyProduction and processing of pineapple into juiceEkumfi DistrictCentral
5Glofert Ghana LimitedProduction of fertilizer to support agricultureSuhum Kraboa CoaltarEastern
6Golden Africa Consumer Products Ghana LimitedProduction of detergents and liquid multi-purpose detergentsKpone KatamansoGreater Accra
7Golden Milan LimitedManufacturing of Aluminum profile to support the construction industryNingo PrampramGreater Accra
8Happy Sunshine Company LimitedManufacturing of Canned TomatoeSuhum Kraboa CoaltarEastern
9Innovation and Manufacturing GroupProduction of biscuits, confectionery and related productsKpone KatamansoGreater Accra
10Integrated Compost & Recycling Plant LtdRecycling of waste into compostAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra
11Keda Ceramics Company Limited.Production of Ceramic Tiles from clayShama DistrictWestern
12KYF Industrial Company Ltd.Production of long-span roofing sheets to support the construction industrySunyani EastBono
13Lan Tianyi Company Limited.Cultivation and processing of soy into milk.Shai OsudokuGreater Accra
14Leefound Company LimitedProduction of tomato puree, ketchup and shittoNingo PrampramGreater Accra
15Mass Industries LimitedProduction of Biscuits etc.Kpone KatamansoGreater Accra
16Miro Forestry LimitedManufacturing of veneer and plywoodSekyere Afram PlainsAshanti
17Nordiq Hygiene Care Industries Ltd.Production of Diapers and Sanitary NapkinsTema MunicipalGreater Accra
18Omnifert LimitedFertilizer ManufacturingNingo-Prampram DistrictGreater Accra
19Petersfield and Rey Group LimitedProcessing of pineapple and orange into juicesKomenda Edina Eguafo AbiremCentral
20Prefos Ghana Limited.Manufacture of street lights and poles including delivery of electrical and related servicesEjisu MunicipalAshanti
21Premium FoodsFood ProcessingEjisu MunicipalAshanti
22Prime HoldProduction of refined fuel oil from waste rubberAyensuanoEastern
23Sentuo Ceramic GhanaProduction of Ceramic Tiles and related productsTema MunicipalGreater Accra
24Shaba EnterpriseManufacture of cookers and other electricalsKwahu WestEastern
25Skyline Steel Company LimitedManufacturing of steel roofing tilesEjisuAshanti
26Strongmen Foods & Farms Ltd.Cultivation, milling and distribution of riceYilo KroboEastern
27Sunda Ghana Investment Company LtdProduction of Hardware e.g. Roofing Sheet, Iron rod and nailsGa SouthGreater Accra
28Zonda Sinotruk Assembly Plant LtdAssemblying and marketing of heavy and light duty vehiclesKpone KatamansoGreater Accra
                            NEW 1D1F COMPANIES UNDER CONSTRUCTION
1Agricultural Manufacturing GroupFertilizer ManufacturingNingo-PrampramGreater Accra
2Atebubu-Amantin Agro ProcessingProduction and Processing of Cassava into industrial starch, ethanol and related products to support industryAtebubu- AmantinBono East
3Atlantic Lifesciences LimitedManufacturing of pharmaceutical and related productsNingo-PrampramGreater Accra
4Best Fertilizer LimitedProduction of fertilizerAshanti Akim SouthAshanti
5Blue Cross Infusion Ghana Ltd.Manufacturing of Infusions productsGa WestGreater Accra
6Bodukwan Farms LimitedMango Cultivation and Processing into juice and other productsAtwima Kwanwoma DistrictAshanti Region
7Builders Assessories LimitedWarehousingSekyere South DistrictAshanti Region
8Central Sugar Company LtdProduction and Processing of Cassava into industrial starch, ethanol and related products to support industryPru East DistrictBono East
9Champion BeveragesProduction of Fruit Drinks and Non-alcoholic BeveragesWest MamprusiNorth East
10CH-Global LimitedCultivation and Processing of CassavaKrachi EastOti
11Debridge Company Ltd.Rearing and Processing of fishHo MunicipalVolta
12Dorothy Kani Company LimitedCultivation and Processing of Orange Flesh Sweet PotatoEast AkimEastern
13EKA FoodsFood ProcessingSunyani EastBono
14Entrance Industries LtdManufacturing of pharmaceutical and related productsLedzekuku-Krowor MunicipalGreater Accra
15Farm Fresh Foods LimitedPoultry processingLower DenkyiraCentral
16Favour 01 LimitedProcessing of fruit juice and concentratesShai OsudokuGreater Accra
17Kingsgate Company LimitedManufacturing of biscuits and related productsEfutu MunicipalCentral
18KOP Farms Consultancy Services LtdCultivation and processing of grainsSouth TonguVolta
19Mikaddo LaboratoriesManuifacturing of pharmaceutical productsTema MunicipalGreater Accra
20Miracle Fruits Processing GhanaCultivation and Processing of Miracle berriesSuhum Kraboa Coaltar Eastern
21Modern (Odike) Ventures Ltd.Manufacture of various types of garmentAfigya Kwabre SouthAshanti
22Nano Foods LimitedProduction of Fruit Drinks and Mineral WaterAkuapim South MunicipalEastern
23OSR Beverage & Bottling LimitedProduction of Non-Alcholic BeveragesAdentanGreater Accra
24Rhovanni Royal LtdProduction of burnt bricks, pavement blocks, roofing tiles etc from clay.Tano SouthAhafo
25SBA Company Ltd (Ashanti Foods)Processing and canning of Ackee fruits for exportBosomtweAshanti
26Soshada Company LimitedCultivation and procesing of vegetables, Onions, Okro etc.Suhum Kraboa CoaltarEastern
27Sinostone Alcohol Manufacturing Ltd.Processing of Cassava into alcoholNorth TonguVolta
28Super Contec Company LimitedManufacting of Consumer ElectronicsAccraGreater accra
29Voalys Farms LimitedLivestock rearing and processingAfigya Kwabre SouthAshanti
30Weddi Africa LimitedCultivation and Processing of tomatoes into tomato pasteBerekum MunicipalBono Region
31Yantab Products LimitedRecycling of paper to produce eggs crate, cartons and related productsDormaa EastBono
No.Project NameNature of Business ActivityLocation
1ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingAsante Akim CentralAshanti
2ENABLE Youth 1D1FBamboo Processing to Tooth Pick & SkewersAsante Akim SouthAshanti
3ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcessingBekwai MunicipalAshanti
4ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Polished RiceEjisu MunicipalAshanti
5ENABLE Youth 1D1FCitrus Processing to Orange JuiceObuasi MunicipalAshanti
6ENABLE Youth 1D1FFrozen Meat & Sausage ProcessingAtwima KwanwomaAshanti
7ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Plantain to FlourAsante Akim NorthAshanti
8ENABLE Youth 1D1FCassava Processing to High Qulaity Cassava Flour & GariAdansi NorthAshanti
9ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Cassava to GariSekyere EastAshanti
10ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Maize to Grits, Flour & BranMampongAshanti
11ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Ginger to Chips & Ginger PowderAtwima NwabiagyaAshanti
12ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Polished RiceAdansi SouthAshanti
13ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Mango to Juice  Kintampo North MunicipalBono East
14ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing Fish to Smoked & Salted Fish  Pru EastBono East
15ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Mango to Juice  Atebubu-AmantinBono East
16ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Cashew NutsTainBono
17ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingBerekum EastBono
18ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Plantain to flourAsunafo North MunicipalAhafo
19ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingTano NorthAhafo
20ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcessingTano SouthAhafo
21ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Cocoa Husk to Potasium SaltSefwi-Wiawso MunicipalWestern North
22ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Plantain to FlourBibiani -AnhwiasoWestern North
23ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Polished RiceBia WestWestern North
24ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcessingPrestea Huni ValleyWestern
25ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Cocoa Husk to Potasium SaltWasa Amenfi WestWestern
26ENABLE Youth 1D1FHigh Quality Cassava Flour & GariShamaWestern
27ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingKpandaiNorthern
28ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingNanumba SouthNorthern
29ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Polished RiceEast GonjaSavannah
30ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingWest GonjaSavannah
31ENABLE Youth 1D1FGroundnut Oil, Past & Animal Feed ProcessingBoleSavannah
32ENABLE Youth 1D1FShea Butter ProcessingEast MamprusiNorth East
33ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Polished RiceChereponiNorth East
34ENABLE Youth 1D1FLeather Bags, Sandals & BeltsBolgatanga MunicipalUpper East
35ENABLE Youth 1D1FShea Butter ProcesiingBongoUpper East
36ENABLE Youth 1D1FFrozen Meat ProcessingBawku MunicipalUpper East
37ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Rice to Polished RiceBuilsa SouthUpper East
38ENABLE Youth 1D1FSoya Bean Oil, Cake & Poultry Feed ProcessingWa EastUpper West
39ENABLE Youth 1D1FGroundnut Oil, Paste & Animal FeedLambusieUpper West
40ENABLE Youth 1D1FSoya Bean Oil, Cake & Poultry Feed ProcesiingSissala WestUpper West
41ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil PrcessingAssin North MunicipalCentral
42ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcesiingAgona West MunicipalCentral
43ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingMfantseman MunicipalCentral
44ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcessingAssin SouthCentral
45ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Kernel Oil ProcesiingTwifo Ati MorkwaCentral
46ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Orange  to JuiceAbura -Asebu-KwamankeseCentral
47ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcessingWest AkimEastern
48ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Fish to Smoked & Cold FilletAsuogyamanEastern
49ENABLE Youth 1D1FPalm Oil ProcessingAbuakwa SouthEastern
50ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Mango to juiceYilo Krobo MunicipalEastern
51ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Banana to ChipsKwahu SouthEastern
52ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Mango to JuiceShai- OsudokuGreater Accra
53ENABLE Youth 1D1FIodised Salt ProcessingAda EastGreater Accra
54ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Mushroom to Vacuum Canned Fresh Mushrooms/Fresh to Dried MushroomAdentan MunicipalGreater Accra
55ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingKetu NorthVolta
56ENABLE Youth 1D1FProcessing of Polished RiceHohoe MunicipalVolta
57ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingKetu SouthVolta
58ENABLE Youth 1D1FGari processing and packagingNkwanta SouthOti
1Sefwi Akontombra District Rice Co. Ltd.Processing of RiceSefwi AkontombraWestern North
2Dormaa Agro Company LimitedProcessing of RiceDormaa WestBono
3Fiase Oil Palm Processing Co. Ltd.Processing of Palm oilTarkwa NsuaemWestern
4Sekyere Maize Processing CompanyProcessing of Maize into maize gritesSekyere CentralAshanti
5Yoo Rice Processing Factory LimitedProcessing of RiceSavelugu-NantonNorthern
1 Amalgamated Foods Limited  Production of animal feed Accra MetroGreater Accra
2Ankod IndustriesManufacturing and distribution of roofing sheets, and related productsShai OsudokuGreater Accra
3Anok Gyes Farms LimitedPig Feed ProductionSekyere SouthAshanti Region
4Appah Farms Limited.Rearing and processing of poultry into meat and related products.Kwahu EastEastern
5Asamoah and Yamoah FarmsRearing and processing of poultry and related productsAtwima KwanwomaAshanti
6Ayum Forest ProductsProcessing of timbers logs into various types of  wood products incliding, veneer and plywoodAsunafo NorthAhafo
7B5 Plus Alloys Company Production of Steel and related productsNingo PrampramGreater Accra
8Bibiani Logging Limited Manufacturing of wood productsAsokwa Municipal AssemblyAshanti
9Birim Oil Mills LimitedProcessing of Oil Palm into edible oil. KwaebibrimEastern
10Bofas Company LimitedShea butter ProcessingWa CentralUpper West Region
11Caltech Ventures Ltd.Production and processing of cassava into Ethanol and Carbon DioxideHo MunicipalVolta
12Casa De Ropa Company LimitedProcessing Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato into bread, chips, crips and biscuitsGomoa WestCentral
13Dagan Farms Ltd.Fish farming and processingAsuogyamanEastern
14Delawin Farms LtdRearing and processing poultry and related products.Kpone KatamansoGreater Accra
15EKA FoodsProcessing of vegetablesSunyani EastBono
16Darko Farms GroupPoultry ProccesingAtwima NwabiagyaAshanti Region
17Everpure Ghana LtdProduction of mineral, sachet  and flavoured water and intravanous infusionGa SouthGreater Accra
18Feanza IndustriesProcessing of Coconut oilEllembelleWestern
19Gee Fresh Company Ltd.Rearing and processing of Guinea FowlTamale MunicipalNorthern
20Harmony TrendsApparel ManufacturingLedzukuku MunicipalAccra
21Home Foods ProcessingVeg. Oil Spices/Peppers and Ready to eat mealsTema MunicipalGreater Accra
22K. Boah Automation and Weighing SystemsProduction of Automated Weighing ScaleSekondi-Takoradi MetroWestern
23KAD IndustriesManufacturing of GarmentsAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra
24Kaskazini LimitedAgro-ProcessingBekwai MunicipalityAshanti
25Kete Krachie Timber Recovery Limited.Wood processing into Wood productsAsuogyamanEastern
26Linise LimitedCultivation and process maize for the poultry industry and human consumptionSunyani WestBono
27LK International Co. Limited (Motor King)Assembling, distribution and maintenance of motor bikes, tricycles, bicycles etcTamale MunicipalNorthern
28M & B Seed and Agricultural Services GhanaSeed MultiplicationHo MunicipalVolta
29Maagrace Industries LimitedManufacturing  of various types of GarmentNew Juaben Municipal AssemblyEastern
30Navina Catel GarmentsGarment and Apparel productionOkaikoi NorthGreater Accra 
31Nourisher Processing Ghana LtdFruit juice processingAccra MetropolitanGreater Accra
32Obibini Blackman Company LimitedProduction of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic BeveragesSuame MetroAshanti
33Pam Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Manufacture of Pharmaceutical productsAkwapim South Eastern
34Volta Star Textiles LimitedProduction of yarn and grey baftNorth TonguVolta Region
35Plot Comodities Ghana LimitedProcessing cocoa beans into cocoa powderSekondi – Takoradi MetroWestern
36Profad Glazing System LimitedManufacturing of aluminum profile to support the construction industryAdentan Municipal AssemblyGreater Accra
37Pro-Life Infusions LimitedManufacturing of PharmaceuticalsSekyere SouthAshanti
38Sam-Den Oil Mills LimitedOil Palm ProcessingTakoradiWeatern
39Savana Foods Empire LimitedProcessing of Soya beans into cake and refined soy oil for domestic and industrial purposesWa CentralUpper West
40Springs and Bolts Company LimitedManufacturing Of U-Bolts and Leaf Springs and Trailor SuspensionAsokwa Municipal AssemblyAshanti
41Sunda Ghana Diapers LimitedProduction of Diapers and Sanitary NapkinsGa SouthGreater Accra
42Top Creativity Industries LimitedProcessing of Natural Cocoa into cocoa powderTema MetroGreater Accra
43Unijay Garments Ltd.Manufacturing of various types of garment for both local and export marketsAsokwa Municipal AssemblyAshanti
44Vestor Oil Processing CompanyProduction of Edible oilsBosomtweAshanti
45Volta Forest Products CompanyWood processingHohoe MunicipalVolta
46Wentec CompanyProduction sachet and water labelsAccra MetroGreater Accra
47Yedent Agro LimitedProcessing of soya bean, maize and other cerealsSunyani EastBono
48Zuriel Carbon ProductsManufacturing of briquettes from saw dust for the export marketKwahu WestEastern

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