On Alhaji Harruna Attah’s latest effusions: Conspiracies, extremists and fringe movements

Haruna Attah

Sometimes one does all they can to ignore the obdurate, for-hire merchants of doom and their tendencies towards conspiracy theories and paranoia to sow seeds of discord and chaos. One is also, often, prompted to react on account of the characters behind the annoying nation-wrecking interjections. Ambassador Attah MOV, in his latest flurry of write ups, including an opinion piece on the recent happenings in Ghana, is all but calling for a coup, or, as the Spaniards will say, golpista. On reading the blatantly dishonest, outrageously offensive and grossly abusive piece, one gets a sense of the author’s personality; a pair of buttocks seeing everything refracted through a greedy, tainted lens.

The former Mahama appointee, who is notoriously angling for the leadership of the insurrectionists, pretended in the opinion piece to be advancing national interest arguments. However, what we get is less an argument and more an incitement against lawful authority, sadly for clownish reasons. In a familiar refrain, he repeats the now discredited claims of electoral malpractice, which to all intents and purposes, is a project to manage the ego and sinking image of candidate Mahama.

Ambassador Atta MOV lowered the bar, and uncharacteristic of grown-ups, attacked Mrs. Jean Mensah, somebody’s wife, in the process questioning her pedigree prior to the EC appointment. If the performances of the IEA and the defunct Accra Daily Mail are to serve as our yardstick, the former Mahama Ambassador to Namibia will trail Mrs. Mensah embarrassingly. But the personal attack on Mrs. Jean Mensah should not surprise anybody who knows Ambassador Atta. Having been appointed to serve as a member of an Interim Management Team of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, he soon fell out with President Rawlings and mounted years of confrontation, always playing victim or anti-JJ crusader. This selfish attitude was exacerbated and led to a situation where his wife, a direct younger sister of Mrs. Rawlings was unable to enjoy the sibling relationship over this long period. What evidence can MOV Attah produce, to challenge the view held by many, that his naked hatred of Rawlings, subsequently extended to President Addo is not all about loss of influence and material benefit? That may seem like asking too much of a man with a known short attention-span and an acute fidelity to hard liquor.

The noise about rigging in the 2020 elections is a huge deception that appeals only to the NDC and greedy, hypocritical chaps who prioritise proximity to power over all else. No nuanced thinking, no candour and no shame whatsoever will move them so long as the rabblerousing maintains or restores their bedrock for gluttony. Of course, a large majority of NDC following who claim to believe the 2020 elections were rigged are not responding to rational concerns. They are, at best, a bunch of cry babies or sore losers. And so it becomes funny to lay claims to some heroics of the Alliance for Change, or as Ambassador Atta called it, AFC 1995. After nearly 30 years of tried and tested democratic practice in Ghana, a call to resurrect the AFC will be a historical anachronism. AFC, some of whose sympathisers included President Akuffo Addo, sought to challenge nearly 19 years of P(NDC) rule and near dictatorial regime thereof. Despite their best efforts however, Jerry Rawlings held on to his role as President till the year 2000. AFC 2021 will achieve far less especially as the large majority of Ghanaians have come to see through the tricks of self-seekers who only survive at the back of a chameleon-like affiliation to political power.

In his rabid, anti-Nana Addo obsession, largely cultivated out of bigotry and hunger, Ambassador Atta’s arguments are a hotch potch of self-gratifying insults of others, refusing to take the spec out of his muddied eyes first. If he cares to look at the archives of our electoral history, Dr. Afari Djan and Mrs. Charlotte Osei faced similar criticisms as those levelled at Jean Mensah. He will not see this because he got a ticket out to Namibia as Ambassador as a result of ‘victory’ for Mahama in 2012. Therefore, the call for people to come out in their numbers to cause mayhem and destabilise, two days after the swearing in of His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Commanderder-in-Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, sounds very Trump-like. Any challenge to the Presidential and Parliamentary elections should be pursued in court. A call for storming of the Bastille or Soviet Bolshevik style revolution is both dangerous and irresponsible, especially coming from a former ‘diplomat.’ People will neither listen to him nor tolerate him if he refuses to regain sobriety. Whilst he may be the most visibly frustrated bootlicker around, notice is hereby served that he is not the only rascal in town.

Nothing lowers the esteem of a person than a stomach-induced identity crisis.

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