Ophelia Atoklo writes: Close down schools now and pull out from ongoing registration exercise


I do not understand this logic: parents are not allowed to visit their wards in school (a supposed mechanism to control the spread of COVID-19). However, the Electoral Commission (EC) officials, who have most likely mingled with countless number of people (considering the ongoing registration exercise) than the ordinary parent, are rather asked to visit senior high schools to register students. Are we serious as a country????? 

The number of COVID-19 cases in tertiary institutions recorded so far in the aftermath of their reopening is very alarming, yet government has kept a blind eye to that.

Interestingly, COVID-19 does not discriminate as to whose ward is a member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or the National Democratic Congress (NDC), thus the lives of all Ghanaian students in tertiary institutions are at risk.

Why will the EC want to expose these students to this deadly virus during this troubled period! Is this some kind of a sick joke????? We have seen the frightening increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths across the country since the commencement of this new voter registration exercise. Is this not enough warning, despite the numerous appeals from concerned institutions, organisations and individuals to abandon this ‘wild goose chase’ by the EC???

Now the EC is dragging this ‘frivolity’ into tertiary institutions (the future leaders of our nation). I do not believe in the sanity of the entire EC body. Nothing they are doing adds up to common sense and logic.

I urge all parents and the good people of Ghana, regardless of our different political affiliations, to team up and cry out loud and appeal to the conscience of the Jean Mensah-EC (that is if they have any conscience) to abandon the ongoing registration exercise.  

This is not funny anymore. The number of COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing daily. The anxiety out there is almost the same as contracting the killer virus. The EC is putting the lives of our children and the entire Ghanaian population in danger and we must not allow this act of irresponsibility to continue any longer.

We are citizens and not spectators. 


Concerned citizen, Ophelia Atoklo.

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