Opinion: Akufo-Addo shed crocodile tears in Volta Region

President Akufo-Addo waving at the crowd | Photo: Jubilee House

During his state visit to Keta in the Volta Region on Thursday 27/8/2020, President Akuffo Addo launched into a fake sympathy for the people of the region with spurious explanations of his party’s and government’s unthinkable invasion of the region with armed forces last month.

In a speech at a durbar, the President half-heartedly claimed there was no political or tribal agenda against the people of the Volta Region as being perceived in his opinion. As usual of him, he rained insults on his critics whom he claimed brought up the issue because of the mischief that is so easily generated by some elements of social media, and also because of the season we are in, and the determination of some people to stir up ethnic sentiments in the hope of reaping some political advantage.

The President had virtually forgotten he was addressing Chiefs of the region who came to complain to him about the behaviour of the armed forces deployed in the region. Recently President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV, the Paramount Chief of the Aflao Traditional Area, Togbe Amenya Fiti, and a host of other prominent chiefs in the region bemoaned the ill-treatment of the Ewes in the hands of the security forces and NPP appointees from the region. They categorically stated that after meeting the President on the issue they realized that the President was being misled by the Ministers from the Volta Region who should have acted to protect their comrades but kept aloof.

They minced no words in describing the manner of deployment of armed forces in the region as an invasion. It is recalled in the heat of protestations against the attacks on the region especially Ho West and Ketu South, the government had to send a Ministerial delegation led by Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs Minister, Kofi Dzamesi, to apologize to Torgbe Fiti of Aflao.

Just last week when Former President Mahama visited Ho, Torgbui Afede XIV warned against the conspicuous and determined attempts to redefine citizenship in the country warning it is a dangerous act that will bring chaos. He intimated that the harassment of civilians in the region by soldiers during the voter registration exercise is unacceptable.about:blank

Many are questioning President Akufo Addo’s motive in trying to deceive the people of Volta region when his New Patriotic Party has made it clear they are foreigners, Togolese! K.T. Hammond spilled every bean the NPP had against the Voltarians. The government’s actions and the prevention of Ewe’s from registering in the Banda area where they live gave credence to the fact that there is a planned political and tribal agenda against Ewes. The President can hypocritically deny it in public but we know behind the scenes he is championing that agenda. Ursula Owusu, Osafo Maafo, and Kennedy Agyepong never hid NPP’S hatred of Ewes anywhere.

The President engineered the acrimonious state molestation of a hard-working son of the soil, Daniel Yaw Domelevo, and replaced him with his own tribesman. Is it not hypocritical to claim you love Ewes at this time when all that matters to you is votes to remain in power? The Keta Port which Executive Instrument was passed in 2018 saw no progress beyond a signature on paper yet the President appointed again his tribesman as Director-General of the non-existing port to only draw emoluments.

The intriguing part of the camouflage came when the President tried to twist history to link J.B. Danquah to the Ewes. According to him, J.B. Danquah won in Anlo and Ho West when he contested Kwame Nkrumah. If these people gave his uncle support then, why is his nephew being intransigent towards them now calling them foreigners? Do they only matter when votes matter? Having been in office for 4 years it now dawned on Akufo Addo to pretend to be caring for the Ewes. This marriage of Anansewa is dead on arrival, the people are wide awake and cannot be misled. Tribal bigotry will be punished! Voltarians will never forget, they will never forgive those who labelled them Togolese, and sent security forces after Voltarians living in any part of Ghana in their sinister attempt to redefine their citizenship.

By: Mathias Bugari

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