Opinion: Is Ghana’s security in limbo?


One of the key pillars of a sovereign nation is her security. Peace and security are essential factors of human life. A peaceful and secured environment for every nation is critical to every society since it affects all aspects of economic and social development.

Since the coming into force of 1992 constitution of Ghana, all successive governments did their best to keep, maintain and protect the relative peace and the security of Ghana which they have done through the practice of democratic and rule of law systems. But, sadly, this situation began to deteriorate with speed since the commencement of the president Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo’s administration.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, this administration since coming into office, established several security units/organs. So, one would have thought that peace and security would have been solid and enviable to our neighbouring countries but the story is rather the opposite. It is sad to note that, most of these security organs are either confused in terms of operation or they were created with ill intentions to go after their perceived political opponents and ordinary citizens of this country who wish to express their civic or political views and rights.

Ghana is currently in a state of insecurity. Meanwhile, security is one of the areas the poor tax payers are spending so much money. Security is the largest ministry in president Akufo-Addo’s government which has seen the highest number of appointments. The president has succeeded in making the following appointments in the security sector alone:

1. Minister of Interior

2. Deputy Minister of Interior

3. Minister of National Security

4. Deputy Minister of National security

5. Minister of Defence

6. Deputy Minister of Defence

7. Minister in charge of National Security at the Presidency

8. National Security Advisor to the President

9. National Security Council

10. National Security Coordinator

11. National Security Secretariat

The country has all these security office holders who are taking huge salaries every month with outrageous bonuses plus other juicy perks such as fully furnished accommodation each, one V8 and saloon car each, 180 gallons of fuel monthly, body guard and home security, free flight etc., yet, crime levels are on high ascendancy.

Another disturbing issue noticed with regards to this security organs is the fact that their actions and activities most of the time, cause much discomfort to the Ghanaian whose name they were appointed not to talk about crime activities recorded under the watch of these offices. Notable among these crime included the following:

– the attack by thugs during the Ayawaso West Wagon’s by-election;

– the beating of security coordinator in Kumasi by thugs called invisible forces (IF), a party vigilante group of the NPP;

– the freeing of cell mates by (IF) ,

– the chasing away of a pregnant judge in Kumasi during court proceedings;

– killing of two police officers on duty in Kumasi by thugs known to be Kandaha boys of the NPP;

– the beating of a senior police officer (Nanka Bruce) at the Jubilee house,

– the killing of Ahmed Suale,

-the killing of Captain Mahama,

-the killing of Otumfour’s Asampohene in Ashanti region;

– the presidential staffers robbery & rape at east Legon;

-the killing of Sogakope Assembly Member;

-the killing of two police personnel on duty and freeing of cell mates at Dome Kwabenya;

-the Bullion Van robbery in western region;

-the killing of GHAPOHA boss in Tema;

-the recent successionist activities in the volta region where STC bus was burned and their roads blocked with cement blocks;

– the killing of Legon Law Lecturer;

– the killing of Mfantseman MP, Ekow Quansah Hayford.

– the importation of small arms in the country which was discovered at the harbour in Tema.

-the ceased substance which was confirmed to be cocaine but changed to cornflour on the Aflao road.

– the disappearance of the ceased gold and monies during the operation vanguard at the sites of illegal mining areas, just to mention but few.

One great concern is the recent engagement of the military in civilian affairs; for instance, their engagement in the recent voter’s registration exercise in some parts of the country which have the tendency to ignite anger against this noble institution by civilians who were troubled.

The Ghana Army assists the police in the restoration of law and order in the face of civil disorder however, when the Army begins to assume duties normally restricted to the civil bureaucracy, there is an increased tendency to intervene in politics.

There is total lack of attention to increase the capacity of the Police to be able to maintain internal security with little military interference so that the military can maintain their neutrality.

Very soon, we, the citizens of Ghana will be headed to the polls to cast our ballots to elect our political leaders. Elections are important exercises of our civic duty. They are often a source of great pride and optimism for a better future. It’s the time when we tend to be most focused on what kind of change, we want to see for ourselves and others. It’s when we take a long, hard look at those who want us to trust them with the direction of our people and policies but the fear and sense of insecurity kept increasing psychologically in the minds of Ghanaians as the date approaches. Who can assure Ghanaian the peace and security as we go through this exercise?

If one of the objectives of a National Security is the safekeeping of the nation as a whole, then the president and all the above security appointees are to be reminded once more that the highest order of their business is the protection of Ghana and its people from attack and other external dangers; guarding state secrets; and assured the nation’s security but not to create a state of discomfort and insecurity. So I ask again: is Ghana’s security in limbo?

Written by: Innocent Adamadu

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