Opinion: Koku Anyidoho is a stomach politician and a Banana Republican

Koku Anyidoho
Koku Anyidoho

Koku, you are actually a Banana Republican!

It is only in “Banana Republic” that clowns like you don’t speak truth to power when they err but rather praise them. Let me give you an example, in America, where your brother works with the UN, the Laws of the Land and Institutions work to support their Democracy and does not fall under the “Banana Republic” category. Also, American citizens unite to condemn political abuse and injustices in their society.

Conversely, in the chromosomes of behemoth “Banana Republics” such as “yours”, the laws are topsy-turvy and applied discriminatory; hence Oheneba Boamah, Bulldog, Weed-planted Pastor, Manasse Azure, Koku Anyidoho and many others will get invited for their perceived criticism of government.

However, others such as Kennedy Agyapong, the vigilante boys and other governmental alienations will perpetrate similar or much grievous acts but will go untouched. So, you see, Banana Republicans like you are feeble-minded, egocentric, zombies, ass-lickers, corrupt and lack the balls to objectively and constructively criticize when need arise. Your fellow citizens have strong aversion to the word “patriotic” and have wiped it out from their nomenclature.

If the late President Atta Mills had governed this way, your likes will not have the temerity to be speaking FREELY today, because Atta Mills was once a “Chamber Pot”, “Poodle”, “Do Little” and a “Dying Sick President” but YOU, the IGP, CID, BNI and others clad in Power then did NOT cough at anyone. Under both Mills and Mahama governments that you served as the Presidential Communication Director and Deputy General Secretary of the NDC respectively, no MP snatched a ballot with a lightning speed and no Military (or pseudo-military for better clarification) ever invaded Ghana’s Parliament bedaub in disappointment when met with courage and justice! That is the difference between Banana Republic and Democratic Republic. Squeeze it and let it permeate your thick skull. The truth might be a bitter pill, but it heals. Nasio Fontaine sang it eloquently that “Truth is truth and it just can’t change.”

The real “sick mind” is the one that inferentially equate “foolishness” to “obesity” and fails to realize that both are dangerous to mental cogitation and optimal health attainment. In any case, both must be shed for a holistic health. Wise up for it is only the mentally-derailed individual that eats and misconstrues the hands that fed him for a meat!

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