Residents in Bosomtwe embrace new Apps to end GBV, sanitation crisis

In the heart of Ghana’s Ashanti Region, residents of Bosomtwe are taking a bold step towards tackling two pressing issues – gender-based violence (GBV) and sanitation.

In a remarkable move, the community has embraced new smartphone applications designed to empower them in the fight against GBV and improve local sanitation.

For an opinion leader at Aputuogya known only as Asante, the launch of the two mobile applications, “Let’s Talk” and “CleanApp Ghana”, by the Ghana Statistical Service is a game changer.

“We realized that GBV and sanitation were intertwined issues affecting our daily lives. So, we decided to harness technology to address these problems collectively”, Asante said.

One of the apps, “Let’s talk”, specifically designed to combat gender-based violence, allows users to report incidents anonymously. It also provides access to resources and support for victims. The other app, “CleanApp Ghana”, focuses on improving sanitation in the area. Residents can report waste disposal problems, and the app helps coordinate clean-up efforts and waste management.

Already officials from the Ghana Statistical Services and Civil Society Organisations are leading the charge.

“The apps operates under the Data Protection Act 2012 (Act 843) and the Statistical Service Act 2019 (Act 1003)”, one of the officials told during one of the tours at Aputuogya D/A Primary School.

The official said that gender-based violence such as sexual harassment, physical assault, denial of basic needs, restriction of movement, sexual assault and rape can be reported using the app.

The report can be sent via text or audio in different languages. The app also has toll-free numbers for relevant institutions like the police.

It appears that through the power of technology and community spirit, Bosomtwe is making strides towards a safer and healthier future for all.