Right of reply: Exposing the lies and deceptive tactics of an NDC regional Chairman aspirant


When a lamb audaciously wakes up a sleeping lion at its cave, then it is equally prepared well for a hot chase and when a handshake goes beyond the elbow, it is no longer a handshake but an invitation to a wrestling bout. These two proverbial statements were told to me by my late father who was a farmer before he departed to the land of the spirits. They were meant to guide me on who I should choose my fights with and when I should understand that a person is inviting me to a broil.

On Monday, 8, November, 2021, I woke up to an article, scantily and pathetically put together to again attack and denigrate the hard earned reputation of Mr Michael Tetteh Kwetey, a former National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) parliamentary aspirant and former Constituency Chairman of Ningo-Prampram by yet another misled attack dog from the panic-gripped camp of the NDC’s Greater Regional Chairman, Mr. Joseph Kobina Ade-Coker.

The feebleminded new poster boy in town, pitifully chose to disrobe his paymaster of what the three-time regional chairman, for twelve (12) years, had done for the party in the now most populous region, his achievements so far and why after several years of being the Regional Chairman, he’s still nursing a shameful and implausible ambition of staging a come-back and rather clothed him in a puerile frigidity in which monumental incompetence is wrapped for the befuddlement of his leadership style and skill.

The poorly written article, from the vacillating incumbent’s camp, maliciously seek to paint Mr. Kwetey, the former Constituency Chairman of Ningo-Prampram as a person who’s desperately shoving to become the Greater Regional Chairman and has therefore, resorted to peddling falsehood, to win favours from possible delegates ahead of the 2022 NDC’s regional elections especially within the Greater Accra Region.

Anyone familiar with how true and loyal party members who sacrificed so much for the NDC in the 2020 elections, would note that the article was a poor processing of inaccuracies and roguish propagandistic reports hurriedly synthesised and handed over to the blue-collar writer who delivered the same hook, line and sinker to readers unmindful of its consequences on his paymaster’s political future.

For instance, the writer of the article, failed to cross-check a babyish allegations that Mr. Kwetey lied that he adopted close to 20 constituencies across the country and also deliberately shied away from lauding him for being the second highest person in the party to have adopted many constituencies and therefore, goofed unpardonably when he meaninglessly said: “Another lie, which has almost become his campaign message, is that he adopted 20 Constituencies in the 2020 elections. When pushed to prove this, Mike would mention about 5 Constituencies outside Greater Accra and change the discussion. In the 2020 election, the Party introduced an adoption policy to raise resources for Constituencies. Madam Anita Desoso and others were in charge. Forms for adoption was sent to Constituencies and regions for those interested in adopting branches or Constituencies to fill. The Party has record of all those who adopted either branches or Constituencies and how much they contributed”.

A simple check by the writer, from the NDC’s National party head office could’ve cured his ignorance and informed the trifling mind of the writer that, Mr. Kwetey single-handedly adopted the said constituencies across the country and heavily resourced them during the 2020 electioneering period. And that, through hard work, he successfully delivered about 13-Members of Parliament for the NDC. Certificates of recognition presented to him by former President John Mahama and that of the party’s national leadership, are available and can easily be verified by any serious minded writer at the party’s office.

For the purposes of curing his tomfoolery, Mr. Kwetey adopted the following constituencies: Ningo-Prampram in the Greater Accra region, New-Edubiase, Bosomtwe, Ofinso-South, Adansi-Akrofuom all in the Asante region, and Builsa South in the Upper East region. Others included Nadowli-Kaleo, Wa West, Jirapa and Sissal West also in the Upper West region.

Tain constituency in the Ahuafo region, Techiman South in the Bono region, Ayensuano in the Eastern region and Akotombra in the Western North region among other constituencies were all adopted by Mr. Micheal Tetteh Kwetey. All the adopted former Parliamentary Candidates and Members of Parliament are also available to cure the lazy, weak and unintelligent minds of the writer and his sponsors.

Is it not enthralling that the same confused camp of the incumbent regional chairman who in just few months ago accused Mr. Kwetey of having unbreakable links with the Misgoverning New Patriotic Party (NPP) with the unflinching support of Mr Enoch Teye Mensah, the former Member of Parliament (MP) of the same constituency whose conduct towards the party that made him who he is today, has become a source of worry to all NDC members, has now turned around to paint a mordant picture between the two politicians?

Were they not the same desperados who mischievously and in absurdity, claimed that Mr. Kwetey was being pampered by the NPP misgoverning government with some business favours so that he could amass wealth, win the Greater Regional Chairmanship and would work through Mr. Enoch Teye Mensah to support the NPP to win the region in the 2024 general elections. What has changed so soon? How silly and grimy could they be? Indeed, you need more lies to cover up a lie as the saying goes.

Like a weeping baby, the infantile and pathetic writer and his sponsors who are clearly ravenous with proper knowledge about Mr Kwetey and his businesses, also claimed that Mr. E.T Mensah, then MP for Ningo- Prampram, handpicked and established him to venture into the oil and gas business. How laughable, ludicrous and dim-witted?

For the records and by way of educating the unapprised writer and his paymasters, Mr. E.T. Mensah has never in his life supported Mr Kwetey in anyway, be it business or in his political career. The former MP was rather the person who made sure that Mr. Kwetey’s businesses were grounded to a complete halt from 2011-2013 just because he had nursed the ambition of contesting him in the then parliamentary primaries when he (Mr. E.T Mensah) was the sitting MP. These are uncontestable facts that any serious and matured writer could easily unraveled instead making a complete mockery of himself both politically and commonsensically. Well, the former MP is alive and the poster boy and his paymasters can pay him a visit to verify these facts and maybe come back with a matured article.

The writer also claimed that Mr. Kwetey resigned from the NDC out of anger and joined Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings’ NDP and stood on its ticket as Parliamentary candidate in the same Constituency in 2012. For the records again, Mr. Kwetey has never in his political life resigned from the party and has never picked a form of any other party to contest as a parliamentary candidate. The immorality of what the writer and his paymasters are doing simply demonstrate how desperate and befuddled they have become. I dare them to come out with evidence.

Does the regional Chairman’s camp, obviously the people behind the attack, know that they are one of the reasons the NDC could not wrestle political power from the wobbly NPP because of their big-headed and egotistical political ambitions as well as their barefaced quest for wealth instead of devoting resources to let the region work efficiently especially during the 2020 general elections?

Do they also know that the NDC’s delegates cannot afford to fritter away the fortunes of the party again into the hands of a man who sat and watched gleefully when the party’s properties were embarrassingly thrown out of its office because they failed to pay rent? Has desperate Chairman Ade-Coker informed his bedfellows that without the massive support of Mr. Kwetey, the man they are set to paint black, the regional party could’ve been without an office? Indeed, a person who forgets the gods that healed him of madness may soon be back to the roadside with the same madness.

Can the regional Chairman who’s nowhere to be found even though the former 2020 Flagbearer of the party, Mr. John Dramani Mahama is touring his region, deny that he greedily sat on money donated by the same Mr. Kwetey for the 2020 Election Day’s activities of the Greater Accra region? Can he tell us what he used that money on and how it was used?

I am convinced beyond doubt that the writer of the article of the incumbent chairman does not know his paymaster is living in a glass house and attempting to throw stones from such a camp could easily render them homeless. I am also sure, that soon, the new poster boy’s eyes will be opened to reasons why his boss does not deserves a comeback attempt and he would stop carrying him as if he was an angel who has just descended from above to let the Greater Accra NDC work and must be allowed to win the chairmanship race at all cost by condescending on other potentials hopefuls.

Why has wobbly camp not able to deny that Mr. Kwetey has in numerous occasions helped in paying the rent of the regional party’s office where the current regional executives operate from? Can they also deny that the regional party led by Chairman Ade-Coker has been enjoying huge financial support from the same Mr. Kwetey to run the activities of the regional office? Letters of appreciation issued by the party regional under the signatory of Mr Ade-Coker to him are available. How duplicitous can they be, to accuse such a loyal party member of peddling lies instead of hailing him as a hero?

There’s an old adage amongst the Kusasi people that, on the day of delivering a child, the woman in labour does not feel shy of whoever sees her vagina. So, as they want us to wash their dirty linens in public without caution, so, we shall gladly help them without caution if they continue to attack the person of Mr. Kwetey. Can the distressed camp of the chairman tell us their contributions to the party during the 2020 that they claimed led the party to increasing our seats in the region?

Their contributions, I can imagine is their obsession and dislike for Mr Kwetey which has become conspicuously legendary and has now been officially commissioned to help paint him black at the time when the masses and delegates of the NDC are crying for change of leadership for the NDC in Greater Accra because they become conscious of how the current leader of the party in the region has caused them pain and agony.

I am well aware of how these attackers are being sponsored by a person from his hidey-hole with a mission to manufacture raw lies about Mr. Kwetey and throw them into the public domain to deride him ahead of the regional chairmanship race sometime next year. How difficult a job to be assigned to? I do not envy them of their new task. It is a difficult journey, because lies and half-truths are needed to market a bad product, which will require its peddlers to be rabid because it is potentially risky for the party.

How can you convince delegates in the Greater Accra to once again follow a man who cannot boast of even providing a common office for the party in the national capital after being in power from 2009 to 2016? Is that a leader with vision to once again entrust with the regional chairmanship? What an immorality? How shameful and appalling can they be thinking?

I have always resisted the temptation of responding to these destructive articles from little-minded writers against the person of the Mr. Kwetey especially when people were was not yet commissioned to intensify such vitriolic attacks on him because of the party’s interest after these internal competitions. But this time around it shall be measure for measure.

The delegates of the NDC in Greater Accra know the truth and cannot be deceived by these empty and sadistic vitriolic ranks from failed leaders. Members of the NDC are hungry for political power and know that Mr Kwetey is the best bet, to deliver Greater Accra for them come 2024, not people who always put their interest first. Those including the wobbly camp of the incumbent Chairman behind the denigration of Mr Kwetey ahead of the regional contest come next year have hit the rocks and are bleeding badly.

Mr Kwetey is already the regional chairman of Greater Accra despite these vitriolic attacks on him and with God, before the 2022 elections, the cartel behind these attacks will be exposed for true NDC members to see who they are if they remain in their path of selfish desire.

By: Rosemary Abena Dadzie

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