Samuel Bryan Buabeng writes: Sloganeering and monotonous choruses can’t win us 2024

NPP supporters

In lieu of our collective desire to break the two-term/8 year political cycle and beyond;

• The goose that lays the golden egg must be well taken care of and protected;

• Recruit, train and re-train more backroom strategic thinkers and analysts;

• Political Appointees must stop promoting themselves more than the President and the government they serve;

•Tolerate, forgive personal vendetta squabbles and patch up incessant rifts;

• Treat each other right and with the firm conviction that no one has monopoly over know-how and common sense;

• Maintain integrity for yourself, your office and government;

• Speak truth to power assertively and without entitlement;

• Respect the citizenry;

• Serve truthfully with body, mind and soul.

• Touch base with constituents and all manner of persons;

The sloganeering and monotonous choruses can’t win us 2024, even if we present an angel to the good people of Ghana and fail to adhere to these nuggets of simple truths.

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