SHS students must repay investment with good behaviour – NaCCA boss

Dr Prince Armah, NaCCA boss

The Executive Director of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Dr Prince Hamid Armah, has described as a national concern videos of some Senior High School students touting and advertising sex and other immoral adventures. In the videos which have gone viral on social media, some of the students are heard advertising a demand for dollars and the readiness to provide sex for same.

In an opinion piece, Dr Armah said it is a “fatal defect if the education of children does not also lead them to make the right moral choices,” adding, “there is a direct link between the moral codes of individuals and the quality of whatever enterprise they will engage in.” Dr Armah insists the future of our country will be threatened if immediate steps are not taken to nip such bad behaviour in the bud.

Dr Armah said that it is most unfortunate that the students, who are beneficiaries of the Free SHS policy, should undermine the tremendous investments made in their future by engaging in immoral acts, rather than studying hard. He likens it to someone whose parents sell family property to send them to school only for them to come back home with a drug habit instead of a certificate”.

He adds that “His Excellency the President has committed the family country’s jewels to send the children to school and for them to endanger this investment by untoward behaviour is a slap in the face of all tax payers who are shouldering this burden, and not just the President who made that courageous decision”.

Dr Armah also points out that the inclusion of moral education in the newly approved national curriculum is in recognition of the importance of morality and its relevance to education. He urges parents, teachers and all responsible Ghanaians to join in the mission to train the next generation in order to secure the investment in education and the future of the country.

He applauded the action taken by the Ejisuman authorities and charged the children, especially those who have been entangled in this national disaster to turn a new leaf.

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