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Article: The (un)Africanness of homosexuality

Anti-LGBT+ sentiments hold sway in many African countries, primarily due to the conservative cultural and religious values of the continent and some African leaders,...

Mugabe is dead, but old men still run southern Africa

The death of Robert Gabriel Mugabe (95) saw another of the first-generation leaders of newly independent southern African states leave the world stage. Southern...

The Mugabe Africans will remember

Death, the inevitable, finally visited the man who over the last couple of decades dominated headlines not just in Africa but also in the...

Robert Mugabe: as divisive in death as he was in life

Robert Mugabe, the former president of Zimbabwe, has died. Mugabe was 95, and had been struggling with ill health for some time. The country’s...

Zimbabwe ex-President Robert Mugabe dies aged 95

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's first post-independence leader, has died at the age of 95. He died after battling ill health, his family confirmed to the BBC. Mr...
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