The unseen power bloc hurting NPP from within

Akufo-Addo doing the 4More4Nana sign
Akufo-Addo doing the 4More4Nana sign

When you meet NPP delegates and some key functionaries in private, they are quick to mention that the party is working its way fast into opposition than the main opposition NDC appears to be pushing.

Without keen observation and attention to the nuances in the party, it is easy to dismiss such sentiments and their bearers as bitter. But when you look again and deeper, the signs and cracks are so visible you wonder how you missed them in the first place.

After the 2008 polls and the defeat of the NPP, former President Kufuor and his close associates were accused of taking the party into opposition through their perceived grand scheme to control and own almost every facet of the party. The results of that so-called agenda was unpleasant and painful for NPP members.

Today, what President Kufuor was accused of in the past appears to be happening in thousand folds if not more. It is no secret in our beloved party that a few individuals with in the party have become the private owners, movers, custodians and perhaps the only power bloc that everyone must worship. It is either you prostrate to these folks or you walk out. Regardless of your many years of sacrifices to the party, if you do not find favour with the power block, you have no future in the party.

The control of this bloc does not end with who gets what in the government but also who becomes what in the party. Their stretch is beginning to consume the party like a virus. They are beginning to determine who becomes party chairman, Secretary among others.

Even more dangerous is the fact that they are now in the thick of affairs on who contests on the party’s ticket as parliamentary candidate among others. It is not far from the truth if one concludes that the party now appears like a kingdom with succession plan in their hands.

It appears they have little concern for the fortunes of the party in future elections so long as their favorites are candidates.

The power and influence of the bloc has rendered even the loudest and independent minded people in the party powerless and fearful. Everyone is protecting their means of survival and perhaps, dignity.

It is therefore not shocking that some people with knowledge of happenings in the party have attributed the recent removal of the deputy State Housing boss Roni Nicole from office to a perceived affinity NPP delegates in the Ablekuma West constituency have for him. There are fears within the block that if he yields to the support of the delegates, he may become a major threat to Communications Minister Urusla Owusu who is also MP for the area in the primaries for the 2024 polls. Apparently some powers in the party are bent on protecting the seat for Communications Minister. Already, reports say there appears to be some disquiet among delegates in the constituency.

One of the known voices in the party is on record to have said in recent times: “You can go back to be beginning of our tradition, JB Danquah had to contest and he almost lost. Busia had to contest,” he said

“Victor Owusu was contested by the likes of J.H Mensah and Dr. Kwame Sarfo Adu. Prof Adu Boahene was contested by the likes Kodua, Kufour and all of that. Kufour was contested famously by Akufo Addo and Akufo Addo was also contested by Alan Kyeremanten.”.

Also, a Communications team member of the party Ama Daaku told metro TV  a few months ago that “I do agree that we had our internal party issues, and we are still having it, I also do agree that some of our MPs lost touch with their base and some of them were practically forced on the people which became obvious there were problems and challenges ahead of the polls”.

I may not have been flagbearer or President before, but what I do know is that posterity will not be kind to president Akufo-Addo if he closes his eyes to the obvious injustice and the shoving being meted out to some party folks, some of whom, worked in the trenches, before the party clinched and retained power.

Mr President, the NPP is a democratic party and the best reward you could give it, is to ensure that the democratic process and transparency  through which leaders on every level of the party is selected is maintained.

The 2024 elections are crucial, the NPP needs its best foot forward, those who have ears let them listen.

By: Kwaku Adjei Anderson


Kwabenya polling station executive

Contact: 0243204461

Email Daily Mail GH: or
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