‘There will be no ‘Free SHS’ and jobs for you if you reject E-Levy’ – Kusi-Boafo warns Ghanaians


The Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Reforms Secretariat, Thomas Kusi Boafo has called warned Ghanaians to accept the controversial e-levy or risk going jobless.

According to him, Ghanaians risk losing the Free Senior High School education policy if they refuse to accept the E-levy.

He said accepting the levy is the easiest way out in order to avoid an economic turmoil in the country.

Speaking on Kessben FM’s ‘Amansan Ntie’ programme, Kusi-Boafo noted that the revenue mobilization of the government is very low, therefore, it has created a huge fiscal deficit, and until the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-levy) is passed, the government of Ghana will abandon the programmes it is pursuing.

“So, Ghanaians must make a choice; we don’t like free education, stop employing our children, don’t increase wages and salary, Kusi-Boafo trigger the sacking of workers…and I’ll do so and there will be no E-levy for anybody.

“There will be no road for you, schools will not be built, there will be no payment of tier two for workers…

“Ghanaians want the government to do all these things and as a listening government…it is on the government to help especially people of Apiate so that God will bless us. This is the time we must demonstrate that we are redeeming the country,” Kufo-Boafo explained in Twi.

His comments comes after Minister of Finance Ken Ofori-Atta said, the passage of the E-levy will save the country from falling back on the IMF for financial assistance, which, he said, would be disastrous during a meeting at the government’s town-hall.

He stated that the country will have to rely on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance if the e-levy is resisted by Ghanaians and it is not subsequently passed.

On the other hand, he said going back to the IMF will stall all economic improvements the government has made over the years and therefore urged Ghanaians to accept it.

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