We don’t know how to steal State funds unlike NDC – NPP chairman

The Chiana-Paga Constituency chairman, Mohamud Adams Karimu, addressing the executives in Chiana on Friday.
The Chiana-Paga Constituency chairman, Mohamud Adams Karimu, addressing the executives in Chiana on Friday.

The Chiana-Paga constituency chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mohamud Adams Karimu, has advised polling station chairmen and coordinators in the constituency to refrain from actions that can negatively affect the fortunes of the party ahead of the 2020 polls.

He said the huge task of retaining power is a responsibility that rests largely on the shoulders of all executive members and would need nothing less of a united leadership to come out triumph.

In addition, Mr. Karimu, affectionately called Chairman Gargo, has advised the polling station executives against overly depending on the finances of the party, with a call on members to begin offering financial support in order to reduce the burden on party resources.

“The NPP is a good party which is known for bringing up developmental ideas and implementing them but its ability to keep its people together is sometimes poor. Unlike the NDC which steal state money to make their people comfortable, the NPP doesn’t do that. So because we won’t steal state money for our party people, it sometimes create problems. Problems that can divide us and break the unity we enjoy in the party. But we must not allow such situations to determine our fate as a party. As leaders, We must do away with all the things and internal issues that can make us lose focus, because people look up to us. We must continuously work hard for the party as we hope for the best to come,” he said in the local Kasem dialect.

“Another issue too we must look at, is how to find money to run party affairs as polling station executives without waiting on the constituency party executive arm for financial support. There is one expenditure or the other that we can absorb individually to reduce the burden we have put on party finances,” he added.

He gave the advice on Friday at the Chiana Catholic Social Centre where he engaged with over 50 polling station executives and coordinators gathered from Chiana, Katiu, Kayoro and Nakong areas.

At the meeting, Mr. Karimu, from his own funding, distributed several full pieces of GTP cloths and money to the executives as show of appreciation for their unrelenting support, services and commitment to activities of the party at all levels.

His kind gesture, he noted, is one of the numerous programs lined up under his chairmanship to appreciate the hard work of polling station executives and coordinators, as they celebrate the Easter.

He commended their crucial role in winning power from the NDC two years ago and urged them to have faith in President Akufo-Addo as he works to better the lives of all Ghanaians.

Chairman Gargo hinted that government has plans in the offing to empower men and women with various skills training and jobs so as to become financially independent to take care of their families. He encouraged them to seize the opportunity when government rolls out such interventions.

“The NPP government has the welfare of all of us at heart. There are a lot of plans to train and equip the youth especially women with funds and jobs so that you can be able to work and make some income or salary to be able to take care of your families”. He hinted.

Peter Adiyire, the constituency organizer, for his part, reiterated the need for the executives to foster unity and eschew all forms of acts that have the tendency of breeding hate and jealousy amongst them.

He urged them to do way with internal wrangling and use proper and peaceful medium for redress of issues affecting them.

He told them to continuously demonstrate true loyalty towards the party and pay deaf ears to the opposition who may come knocking at their doors.

By Senyalah Castro, Daily Mail GH

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