Adum: ‘Decaying’ building nears collapse; tenants urged to vacate immediately


Traders occupying a building in Kumasi’s Central Business District have received a stern warning from city authorities to vacate their shops immediately due to concerns about the structural integrity of the facility.

The three-floor commercial facility along the Sanbra Hotel stretch in Adum has been deemed highly unstable and at risk of collapse. This reinforced concrete structure, designed for both residential and commercial purposes, contains apartments, shops, and two staircases.

The building, which appears quite old, covers an area of approximately 650 square meters, with some sections showing signs of wear and tear. Several members have deteriorated, with plastering and portions of the concrete missing.

A team from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), led by Mayor Samuel Pyne, paid a visit to the building’s occupants to address the impending issue on Monday (5 September).

Mr. Agyenim Boateng, the Head of Physical Planning at the KMA, expressed concern about what has been described as a looming disaster.

He explained, ‘In summary, what we are saying is that the building is defective. We became aware of this when we noticed some applicants renovating certain parts. Our officers inspected the site, and the municipal engineer concluded that the building was structurally unsound. It needs to be demolished for a new one to be constructed.’

‘Notices were issued to the occupants in May and June, but they remained uncooperative. The KMA Mayor decided to issue a final warning,’ he added.

Mayor Samuel Pyne reiterated the government’s commitment to demolishing weak and poorly constructed buildings that pose a threat to lives stressing that activities in the building in question would be halted.

‘We commissioned our officers to conduct tests on the building, and reports from both the occupants’ engineers and ours confirm that the building is defective. Notices have been served to the shop occupants, but they have not complied. Therefore, by Monday, September 11, the area will be cordoned off to prevent any potential hazards,’ Mr Pyne stressed.

He emphasized that laws would be enforced to ensure compliance with the directives and that further buildings found to be defective would face demolition.


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