AG challenges Imani CEO’s accusations, calls for retraction and apology

President for IMANI Africa Franklin Cudjoe (L) making a point at an event

The Office of the Attorney General has responded to a post attributed to Franklin Cudjoe, the founder and CEO of Imani Africa, which has been circulating in the public domain.

In the post, Cudjoe allegedly criticized the Attorney General, Godfred Dame, accusing him of providing illiberal and politically divisive advice to an autocratic executive.

In a firm rebuttal, the Attorney General’s Office emphasized that such allegations were baseless and unfounded.

The office also challenged Cudjoe to produce any evidence of the Attorney General giving such advice, stating that no such advice exists for any of the individuals mentioned, including Daniel Yao Domelevo, Charlotte Osei, James Quayson, Martin Amidu, and Ato Forson.

It further clarified that Godfred Dame was not even the acting Attorney General during the Daniel Yao Domelevo issue. The Office of the Attorney General asserted that some of the individuals mentioned are facing prosecution based on charges deemed appropriate by the facts of the case.

The Attorney General’s Office called on Franklin Cudjoe to retract his comments and issue an apology for the sake of his own credibility and that of the think tank, Imani Africa.

They stressed the importance of accuracy and responsible discourse, particularly from entities representing public discourse like Imani Africa.

Read the full details of the AG’s post here:

The Office of the Attorney General has come across a post attributed to the founder and CEO of Imani, Franklin Cudjoe, which is being circulated in the public domain.

If indeed he truly authored that post then
I say this with the greatest respect that simply because you are a think tank does not mean you should just say anything that you think is true.

A basic foundation of any serious think tank is research. To make the emphatic statement that the attorney general has been, according to him, “legendary in giving the most illiberal and politically divisive advice to a willing autocratic executive as far as the liberties of persons they disrespect and dislike is concerned-“ is most unfortunate.

In supporting his claim he makes reference to “SALL, Domelevo, Charlotte Osei, James Quayson, Martin Amidu, Ato Forson and others he’s yet to discover.”

Let it be clear that the Honourable Attorney General, Godfred Dame, has not produced any such advice on ANY of the persons mentioned. I challenge the author to produce any such advice authored by Honourable Godfred Yeboah Dame.

Some of the names mentioned are being prosecuted for some offences that the Office believes are fit on proper charges to be preferred based on the facts.

On the Daniel Yao Domelovo for instance Mr. Dame was not even the AG at the time.

The bottom line is that no such advice on any of the persons named can be provided because nothing of the sort exists and Mr. Cudjoe evidently got it wrong.

For his own credibility sake and the credibility of the think tank which he represents he ought to unreservedly retract the comment and accordingly issue an apology.


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