Akrofuom DISEC intensifies security measures to tackle crime


In recent times, the Akrofuom District in the Ashanti Region, often considered a low-crime area, has experienced some concerning incidents of criminal activity, including a communal feud between young men in the Akrofuom and Odumase communities within the Obuasi East District.

To address these issues, the District Assembly has taken proactive measures to increase police visibility and enhance security within the district. During a media briefing following his sessional address at a General Assembly meeting in Akrofuom, the District Chief Executive (DCE), Hon Dr Maurice Jonas Woode, condemned the recent communal conflict involving Akrofuom and Odumase communities. He emphasized that the local police have intensified their efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Despite having relatively few police personnel in the district, the Assembly has implemented strategies to attract more officers. Currently, the construction of a police station at Gromesa is underway, and the old Assembly building has been designated as the future district police command headquarters, aimed at bolstering security in the region.

Furthermore, the DCE explained that police personnel would be stationed in areas prone to robbery attacks to combat such criminal incidents effectively.

Successful Reduction in Teenage Pregnancy Cases

Addressing another critical issue, DCE Hon Dr. Woode highlighted that the district had previously led in reported cases of teenage pregnancies within the region. However, thanks to practical measures put in place by the Assembly, the situation has significantly improved. Notably, there were no reported cases of pregnant girls during the most recent Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), marking a notable accomplishment in the fight against teenage pregnancies.

Progress in Revenue Generation

As of September 2023, the Akrofuom District has successfully generated a total revenue of Gh¢1.1 billion, despite a revised budget of Gh¢1.4 billion. The DCE, Hon Dr. Maurice Jonas Woode, attributed this accomplishment to the practical steps taken by the Assembly to meet its revenue targets. He expressed optimism that once proceeds from property rates are included in the Assembly’s accounts, they will likely meet their annual revenue target.

Challenges and the 2024 Composite Budget

Presenting the 2024 composite budget to the Assembly, Kennedy Ransford Gyimah, District Budget Analyst, acknowledged the challenges faced in 2023 due to the erratic flow of government funds. However, with determination and hard work from the DCE and his staff, they remain on course to achieve most of their set goals for the year.

The 2024 composite budget aims to consolidate gains achieved between 2018 and 2024. This budget encompasses all sectors of the economy to ensure holistic growth, rather than a singular dimension of progress. The Assembly’s vision is to generate and allocate a total of GH$11,381,883.79 for the year 2024, to promote overall development across the region.


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