Asabee is ill-advised on Great Consolidated Diamond Company and gov’t contract abrogation [ARTICLE]

Asamoah Boateng

I have been following the matter between Great Consolidated Diamond Ghana Limited (GCDGL) and the Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) keenly and as a result of certain actions and comments by Mr. Asamoah Boateng (a.k.a Asabee), the Chief Executive Officer of State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA), I am psychologically touched to make public certain facts regarding the matter.

  1. For Asabee to unwittingly say government and for that matter the DIC is not in court with GCDGL on the matter of repossessing the company is inconsistent with the facts of this in my possession which I will make public in this article, in fact it sounds to me like Asaabee was sleeping today and embracing a good deed of tomorrow and when he woke up he decided to implement it by all means. He has drawn unnecessary que criticism from the public to dent H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufu-Addo’s government.
  2. Asabee will not say money the Jospong Group of Companies (JGC) paid to government was missing, if indeed he briefed properly and appropriately on the matter upon his assumption of office. Indeed, he misled the public by misrepresenting the facts. I will put two documents as attachment to this piece to make public understand clearly the issues.
  3. I have facts of Asamoah Boateng’s promises to a section of the public already of managerial portfolios at GCDGL in anticipation that he will be able to take over the company from JGC.

People like Asaabee are fighting hard to make Nana Addo government unpopular for obvious reasons and in my next piece I will show readers what I mean by this.  

Asabee just ignored the law because he feels well placed and has government security at his side and applied his undemocratic rambo-style and arrogance to subject workers of the GCDGL to a torturous trauma and that must not be allowed.  

The following are documentations my investigation revealed for the information of my readers:

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