Attorney General requests live coverage of proceedings on Anti-LGBTQ bill


In a formal plea to the Chief Justice, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godfred Yeboah Dame, urged for live coverage of proceedings regarding the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, colloquially known as the anti-LGBTQ bill.

He stated, “Respectfully, in view of the public interest in the cases concerning the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill 2024 (the Bill), I would like to recommend that the media (including radio and television) be given full access to the relevant courts to undertake coverage of all proceedings in those cases concerning the Bill.”

He listed the cases to be: Dr. Amanda Odoi v The Speaker of Parliament and Another (Suit No. J1/13/2023), Richard Dela Sky v The Parliament of Ghana and Another (Suit No. J1/9/2024), Mr. Paul Boama-Sefa v The Speaker of Parliament and Another (Suit No. D45/SF.128/2023), and Dr. Prince Obiri-Korang v The Attorney-General (Suit No. J1/18/2021). He emphasized, “It is my respectful view that the transparency to be engendered by a coverage of the proceedings would be in the best interest of the administration of justice.”


Broadcast Journalist Richard Dela Sky and Researcher Dr. Amanda Odoi are set to present their respective lawsuits before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, challenging the passage of the anti-LGBTQ+ Bill and its potential assent. These lawsuits have effectively halted the bill’s transmission from parliament to the Presidency, awaiting President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo’s possible assent.


Richard Sky, also a private legal practitioner, and Dr. Amanda Odoi are challenging the constitutionality of the bill’s passage by Parliament. President Akufo-Addo has refrained from receiving the bill, citing the pending cases at the Supreme Court as the reason.


Richard Dela Sky is specifically challenging Parliament’s constitutional authority in passing the “Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill,” contending that it violates various provisions of the 1992 Constitution. He seeks eight reliefs, including a declaration that “the Speaker of Parliament contravened Article 108(a)(ii) of the Constitution… by admitting and allowing Parliament to proceed upon and pass, ‘The Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, 2024’ into law as the same imposes a charge upon the Consolidated Fund or other public funds of Ghana.”


The bill, passed by Parliament on February 28, 2024, prohibits LGBTQ activities and their promotion, advocacy, and funding. President Akufo-Addo awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling before deciding on the bill.


In his writ, Mr. Sky seeks four declarations and four orders, including restraining the Speaker of Parliament and the Clerk to Parliament from presenting the bill to the President for his assent, and barring any attempts to enforce the bill’s provisions, particularly those criminalizing same-sex relationships and related advocacy efforts.

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