Bawumia is a prudent man and the Lord is with him – Rev Eastwood Anaba

Bawumia and Eastwood Anaba
Bawumia and Eastwood Anaba

The Founder and President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Rev. Eastwood Ababa has showered words of praise on the personality and work ethic of Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

In a throwback video which has gone viral on social media platforms, the renowned cleric, who couldn’t hide his admiration for Dr Bawumia before a large congregation, described Dr. Bawumia as humble, patient, purposeful and a prudent man whom the Lord is with.

Rev. Anaba recounted how his very first encounter with Dr. Bawumia at an airport left him fascinated about the Vice President’s humility.

“I used to hear a name Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and I had never met him before.  Then one day at the airport, when I met him, the demeanor, the humility. I am a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy but when I saw the humility of the Doctor, I felt like I should be more humble because the humility of the Doctor was just fascinating,” Rev. Anaba said. 
The cleric said Dr. Bawumia’s demeanor and humility was natural, because it is difficult to pretend to be humble.

“One of the things in the world you cannot pretend to have is humility because even the orientation of your nose will give you out. You cannot pretend I am humble when you are not. So I met the humble man; we talked a bit and then we got to our destinations and scattered.”

Reverend Anaba added that Vice President Bawumia is where he is today because of patience and work rate, which he attributed to a positive DNA from the Vice President’s father, Mumuni Bawumia of blessed memory. 

“Over the years, I saw him with his personal work rate. But of course, definitely, with the benefit of a DNA from his father, the legendary Bawumia.”

“Through hard work and patience, he has grown and come to the place.where he is the Vice President of no nation, other than this huge.and blessed nation called Ghana. That is where God has brought him to.”

Rev. Anaba took inspiration from verses in the Bible to describe Dr. Bawumia in glowing terms, and a man destined for greatness. 

“I was thinking about him (Bawumia) and I said how can I describe  this man, and one scripture came to my mind. First Samuel 16-18 , where the Bible said there was a time when they were looking for somebody to take care of a spirit that was tormenting the Spirit of Israel. And they said, let us find a man who can deal with this problem. And the Bible said somebody said behold I have seen the son of…………..Bawumia, from the Northern Region; a mighty valiant man, a man of war, prudent in matters and a calming person and the Lord is with him.”

“What I like is a prudent man and the Lord is with him.”

“When I read this scripture, it was like I had taken a piece of fabric and sewn a nice garment and fitted it on our Vice President from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet.”

“I said this is a description that ably describes the man. First of all we have in the Vice President of Ghana, a prudent man, no question about that. A patient man – anybody that can stay in opposition and remain faithful in opposition until he gains position is a patient man. So he is not only a prudent man, but he is also a patient man.”

“And if you look at the way, his training and his mere passion for life drives him to want to achieve, he is also a purposeful man. He  is a man who is prudent, a man who is patient, a man who is purposeful.”

Reverend Anaba expressed belief that Dr Bawumia will be prosperous enough like Jacob and Joseph and will “lead us into prosperity.”

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