Bawumia is Ghana’s best, most impactful vice president in the 4th Republic – Lawyer Nii-Aponsah

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

Lawyer Gaspar Lyle Nii-Aponsah, a senior partner at Lex Premier Associates, Litigation and Corporate Attorneys, a private law firm has described Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as Ghana’s best and most impactful Vice President in the 4th Republic.

He made this assertion in a Facebook post after it came out that John Mahama planned of resigning as Vice President due to the disrespect and contempt he received from staffers and ministers under President John Atta-Mills.

“So now you know why Dr. Bawumia is regarded as the best Vice President in the history of the 4th Republic. I would just describe him as the “Most Impactful” Veep in the 4th Republic,” Lawyer Nii-Aponsah eulogised.

“Here finally is one that has redefined the position with merit and scholarship. He’s an ace card in anybody’s corner,” he ended.

Vice President Dr. Bawumia since assuming office in January 2017 has been very active and championing most of the critical policies and initiatives of President Akufo-Addo’s government. His boss, President Akufo-Addo has reposed a lot of confidence in him due to his intelligence, dexterity, humility and incorruptible character.

Never in the history of Ghana, has a Vice President been so visible and notable in government business.

It does appear that the fact that Dr. Bawumia could rise to become one of the most efficient and impactful politicians in the present generation was even spotted when he was in opposition. The voice of a highly Ghanaian personality and non-political actor, Professor H. Kwesi Prempeh, a lawyer and now Executive Director of the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD) had this to say about Dr. Bawumia in the heat of the 2016 election campaign:

“In the current campaign, Bawumia’s unprecedented visibility in the NPP campaign, his strong command of issues, as well as his cross-party appeal and likeability have cemented his status as a star politician both in the NPP and on the national political scene more broadly. Added to his relative youth, this makes Bawumia the politician to watch–not only within the NPP, but also (and more importantly) from the perspective of the NDC. The reason is not hard to fathom.”

True to the words of Prof. Prempeh, Dr. Bawumia has lived up to expectations and risen above the standards of all former Vice Presidents. Today, he is highly visible and known to have championed key bold policies and decisions of government.

As the chairman of the Economic Management Team (EMT) his competence is felt by both locals and internationals on the quick and massive turnaround of the Ghanaian economy.

The passion and zeal with which he is championing the digital economy of Ghana in conformity with the contemporary trends of the fourth industrial revolution is just superb. Not to mention of the bold policy initiatives such as the medical drone delivery service, Sinohydro infrastructure for bauxite initiative, mobile money payments interoperability, digital property address systems, paperless port systems, and many others.

Above all, Dr. Bawumia has conducted himself so well that not a single act of corruption has been attributed or linked to him so far.

Dr Bawumia seems to have discovered the trick to economic breakthrough for a middle income economy that many people have not seen.

By Edmund Koomson, Daily Mail GH

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