Ben Dotsei Malor writes: Dr. Kwesi Nduom – What’s Happening?

Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom
Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom

Dr Nduom was, and has been, one Ghanaian achiever you may not have met but you respected, admired, and drew some inspiration from – from afar. I personally didn’t like his politics much, especially the way he led and then diminished the independence-producing CPP of our venerable icon, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, plus his dalliance with some political characters who had little in common with the great pan-Africanist ideals of the African of the Millennium.

I confess, I don’t know the man and have never met him. My respect for him is largely based on the fact that, this has been a hardworking self-made man, who used to be a car park attendant. He exuded a certain level of confidence and humility. You never read about him getting involved in any dubious or shady, greed-induced, nation-wrecking practices, deals, or corruption, despite his many years in the public arena. He was a business consultant, a Minister in a couple of capacities under former President Kufuor, and (later) presidential aspirant under his Progressive People’s Party, PPP.

On another level, he could have easily sat back as a contented private citizen, after making some good amount of money, but he came out to show enterprise, service, and leadership, with the creation of many jobs, as he established his group of companies, banks and financial services. I’ve stayed in or eaten in some of his establishments. I know a couple of people – including a distant relative – working in one of his hotels.

As a Ghanaian living in the US, carrying very strong pan-Africanist, Christian, and Nkrumahist thoughts and ideals, I rejoiced greatly when Dr Nduom and his Group came forward in 2016 to acquire the last black-owned bank in Chicago, changing the Illinois Service Federal Savings and Loan in Bronzeville, known as ISF Bank, into GN (Groupe Nduom) Bank Chicago. A Ghanaian (or African Bank) buying another bank in the USA!? Wow. I felt elated, inspired, and proud.

He also exudes deep faith and leads a wonderful family that looks exemplary, with high-achieving children, including medical doctors. Any conscientious Ghanaian or African (or decent human being anywhere in the world) would like to see more personalities like Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom (and his companies) do well – no matter what political differences and disagreements – so he could continue to inspire, serve our people, and create more jobs.

So, why am I writing all these “plenty Fantse” on this first Monday of the last month of the last year of this decade?
Well, I feel pained for the man, seeing how his companies, his hard work, and the jobs and hopes he represents, are getting brutally hit by the reported “clean-up of Ghana’s financial sector”.

* What exactly has this Ghanaian entrepreneur done so wrong?
* Could he or his companies not have been sanctioned without heavy losses?
* What am I missing?

I’m ready, willing, and available to be educated.
We need to learn some lessons, please.

Still, I pray for him and his family plus his employees and staff.
May it be well with them.

May GOD continue to bless our homeland Ghana and MAY WE STOP TAKING HIS BLESSINGS FOR GRANTED.
May freedom, peace, unity, and prosperity reign in our land.

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