Ben Nti fires back at “rumormonger” Sometymer Otuo Acheampong

Sometymer Otuo Acheampong

The media feud between former Administrative Manager of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Mr. Ben Nti, and Broadcast Journalist Sometymer Otuo Acheampong seem to have heightened.

Last week, Acheampong attacked Nti for accusing him of an agenda after the other geared towards destabilizing successive managements at the club.

In a statement, Nti insists he has no regrets at pointing accusing fingers at the journalist.

Below is his full statement:

Sometymer Otuo Acheampong’s Delusion of Grandeur !
1. Ever since I made my first media appearance in 2020 on Saturday at Hello FM I have listened to, and read, Mr Sometymer Otuo Acheampong’s desperate attempt to rescue a bit of his dwindling public image. He’s been all over the media space fruitlessly defending himself before Kotoko supporters suggesting, albeit unsuccessfully, that he has the interest of Kotoko at heart probably more than myself.

  1. For a well known Hearts of Oak supporter Sometimer cannot claim to ‘love Kotoko more’ than I Ben Nti. Unless Mr Otuo Acheampong is suggesting that he has denounced his well known Hearts of Oak affiliation from his Legon days.
  2. He only seems to find his ‘love Kotoko’ when he is engaged in incessant insults and criticism of Kotoko Managements whenever they do not ‘play ball’ with him. He sees everything wrong with each Kotoko administration so long us he does not personally benefit financially. I am wondering which of the following two issues motivates him the most to attack or not to attack every Kotoko administration
  3. Personal financial gain?
  4. A dream to see Kotoko destabilized influenced by his Hearts of Oak affiliations
  5. I am also extremely surprised at how hard Mr Otuo Acheampong took the few words I uttered on the short radio interview. For someone who has made it his lifetime professional focus to insult various sporting personalities in the name of practicing journalism, generating one self-serving rumor or another in attempt to tarnish the hard won reputation of accomplished individuals, I least expected to get under his skin with the few facts I threw out on the said program. For his information the way he felt during and after my interview is exactly how people with higher personal accomplishments and intellect than Sometimer feel whenever he hides behind the rhetoric of pleasing Kotoko fans and, makes them the object of his insults and unwarranted criticisms. Just like he did to previous Kotoko administrations. Just like he is doing to Kwame Kyei. He who feels it knows it.
  6. Now, before I proceed let me clarify that my interventions on that radio show had nothing to do with any beef that the Dr Sarpong administration allegedly had with Mr Otuo Acheampong. He has an exaggerated opinion of his importance. My only worry is that the current spate of attacks on the person of the Chairman of Kotoko orchestrated through specific media houses was becoming one too many and did not bode well for the stability of Kotoko. If Sometimer’s name came up it is only because he has such history. If Dr Sarpong’s name came up it is because he was one such person who came under similar ill-advised media campaigns. Several other Kotoko administrations can attest to this. The cycle had began and Kotoko supporters needed to sit up before some misguided elements destroyed Kotoko again. At least, not some known Hearts sympathizer hiding behind journalism and bent on destroying Kotoko if he is not directly benefiting. At least now I am also an ordinary supporter whose interest remains important to Sometimer. At least that’s what he claims. I can also sit in my corner and throw stones.
  7. Now let me attempt to address some of the issues Mr Otuo Acheampong raises in his piece titled ‘Ben Nti’s Faux Pas’. I will deal with the points he lists as ‘My Take’ and deal with them accordingly:
    I. I am surprised at the weak logic Sometimer pursues in paragraph 1 by suggesting that because Dr Sarpong voluntarily resigned as Kotoko Executive Chairman his resignation could not be attributed to activities of the media. For a man who had spent his lifetime building a reputation based on integrity, the ill-advised orchestrated lies and insults that were being spewed out on platforms created by the likes of Sometimer, getting away from the job ended up protecting his reputation. A lot more should have resigned to protect their image. At least my brother Kwame Baah-Nuakoh had done it long before Dr Sarpong did. You know the common thing linking the two? Reputation and Integrity!
    II. I don’t need to mention more than one media person who has been engaged in this clandestine pirate journalism to destabilize Kotoko. I knew one called Sometimer Otuo Acheampong. And that’s why he is the one I referred to.
    III. Sometimer asks why it has taken me 4 to 5 years to call on Kotoko supporters to be wary of people like him who are always ready to create confusion in Kotoko by calling for the sack of one Kotoko regime or the other. The answer is simple. It has taken Sometimer and the likes 4 to 5 years to start destabilizing another Kotoko administration. I did not hear him criticize the Management of Opoku Nti when supporters cried out that they were under performing. You know why? Sometimer was the de facto CEO of Kotoko ( or Advisor to the CEO). This is something he cannot dispute. Maybe he can show us a tape of his criticism of Opoku Nti’s administration when supporters were crying out. Was he benefitting from Kotoko then so he did not think the supporters’s cry was worth his attention then? Consistency as a journalist is key my friend.
    IV. In paragraph 4 my friend Sometimer comes back to what he is good at. Rumor-mongering. That I Ben Nti has been promised a route back into Kotoko Management. For the records I resigned from Kotoko. I am fully occupied at my workplace. I am a full time Kotoko Supporter now, just as I was long before Dr Sarpong joined Kotoko as Executive Chairman. I don’t need to be in Kotoko Management to be relevant to Kotoko. Secondly your suggestion that Dr Sarpong is looking for a way back into Kotoko Management is a cheap shot which is below even your low standards. You can do better. To even go on to suggest that you may be a stumbling block to him if he wanted to come back to Kotoko speaks so much about your exaggerated opinion of your own importance in Kotoko affairs. Delusion of grandeur! Please check up the meaning.
    V. My reputation as far as Kotoko matters are concerned are intact. Am waiting for you to point out one misconduct on my part during the two times as served in Kotoko Management. You can check from the appointing authorities on my reputation relating to Kotoko. Water-tight!
    VI. It is instructive to note your long association with Kotoko in the guise of an advisor. I presume that supports my assertion that probably during the Opoku NTI administration you may have been more than an advisor. I will leave the record of your involvement in player transfers during that period and the youth team of Kotoko’s travel to Switzerland for another epistle. Those are facts that will suggest to every well meaning Kotoko supporter that your association with Kotoko is smooth only if you are benefitting financially. Like I said that will be for another day.
    VII. Sometimer claims that I attempted to parade him against the rank and file of Kotoko supporters and it failed. Just leave the judgement of failure or success to the supporters. That is even if you believe that was my motive.
  8. Now my little advise. Dropping your academic qualifications in a public argument does not sound very complimentary. If having academic qualifications translates automatically to knowledge then you would have had no business criticizing some of the people you vehemently demeaned on your platforms. Most of them are better qualified than you. So if I cannot advise you on administration because your have a degree in Public Administration then I am wondering what kind of advice you gave to the long list of Kotoko Chairmen you claim came to you seeking advice. There are not too many that you were better qualified than.
  9. Let me conclude that Kotoko supporters should see some of these journalist for who they truly are: opportunists who criticize Kotoko Managers who do not play ball but conveniently keep quiet when they benefit.
  10. I am waiting for Sometimer Otuo Acheampong’s response because I have time on my hands.Now I am a full time supporter. I also have the interest of Kotoko at heart. And my target is to stop mercenary media men from destroying Kotoko. Thank you.

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