Bisa Technologies, GIZ partner to make telemedicine easily accessible


Bisa Technologies, one of Ghana’s leading software developing companies, has developed a new free mobile health application to provide public education on COVID-19 and respond to pressing questions from the public about the pandemic.

Designed with the motive of reducing face to face doctor consultation and congestion at health facilities, the all-new Bisa App will allow patients to have direct access to doctors and health experts who are readily available to respond to and address all issues of public health concern pro bono.

The managing director and the brain behind the application, Raindolf Owusu, indicated that the data gathered on the BISA platform will adhere to doctor-patient confidentiality. Alternatively, health experts will be able to detect outbreaks of diseases at an early stage and decision-makers can also implement the right policies to meet the healthcare needs of people and communities.

“During this time, the BISA app will serve as an opportunity for users to receive health information on the pandemic, check their symptoms and receive expert advice. The tool will also serve as a means for health authorities to follow up on patients being treated at home and will also provide psychological support to survivors and health workers,” Mr Owusu noted.

Bisa Health Application aims to be the pioneer of telemedicine in Africa on two major fronts; firstly, in information dissemination with regards to disease prevention and control and, secondly, in connecting patients to doctors through the use of technology.

Implemented through the develoPPP programme, this pivotal initiative is engineered in partnership with GIZ Ghana and the Ghana Health Service (GES), and financed by the German government through the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The develoPPP programme was established by BMZ to amongst other things, support and foster the involvement of the private sector in developing countries and emerging economies.

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