Bright Simons criticizes NDC’s ’24-Hour Economy’ Policy as lacking tangibility


The policy proposal regarding the “24-hour economy” has sparked confusion and skepticism among Ghanaians, particularly due to its ambiguous nature and lack of clarity in definition. Members of the NDC have offered various interpretations of the concept, yet none seem to provide concrete details that voters can grasp to make informed decisions.


Bright Simons, highlighting the prevailing uncertainty, criticized the proposal as devoid of substance, remarking that it lacks a clear definition or delineation of its components. He emphasized the importance of clarity in policy discourse to enable the electorate to understand and engage meaningfully with such initiatives.


Ghanaians at large have echoed these concerns, questioning what exactly constitutes the “24-hour economy” and expressing frustration over the absence of coherent explanations from proponents. The ambiguity surrounding the concept has raised doubts about its feasibility and practical implications for the country.


In summary, the debate over the “24-hour economy” underscores the need for comprehensive and transparent communication from policymakers to ensure clarity and understanding among the public.

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