Covid-19: Tobinco embarks on house -to- house distribution of food items


Chairman of the Tobinco Group of companies, Nana Amo Tobbin I, on Sunday visited  some poor communities in the capital to distribute  2000 boxes of beautifully packaged food items to the needy and the vulnerable.

The unprecedented donation was aimed at supporting slum dwellers who have been deprived of their daily bread following the three-week lockdown imposed by the government to contain the rapid spread of the coranavirus pandemic.

Another reason for the house-to-house food distribution method according to Nana AmoTobbin I , was to give the true meaning of social distancing. He explained that the overcrowding that characterised the distribution of food by some organizations was  not the best as it poses health risk to the beneficiaries and that he thought it wise to use a more safer way  to distribute food to the needy.

This is the  major donation  by the Tobinco Group in the fight against the ravaging covid-19 pandemic. Tobinco first partnered the Church of Pentecost to donate  medical supplies to nursing and midwife trainees followed by  the donation of medical supplies worth over 250, 000 to the Ministry of Health to combat the pandemic in the country .

Speaking to Atinka TV, Nana Amo Tobbin, noted that , this was the time to extend a helping hand to extremely poor people in the country as most  of them have no food to eat in this lockdown period.

According to him, the excitement  and joy on the faces of some of the needy residents when they saw that some help was coming from Tobinco,  was an indication that  there are so many people who genuinely need help in this difficult times but they don’t know where the help might come from.

Atinka TV observed that many residents in the poor neighborhoods visited had spent some of the days without food and the arrival of the Tobinco  trucks and vans with packaged food items meant that their prayers had been answered.

Residents of Kofi Krom, a popular slum in the Avenor area were  extremely  happy with the kind gesture from Nana Amo Tobbin and they heaped massive praises on him, asking God to enlarge his business  empire  as well as protect his life and family.

Nana Amo Tobbin commended individuals and corporate organizations assisting government’s efforts to feed the needy in these difficult times and further called for more of such support as the nation combats the pandemic.

He suggested the use of mobile money  as one of the methods to help the needy. He said organisations and individuals  can identify needy people in society and send them some cash for their upkeep.

Finally, he urged all Ghanaians, particularly the vulnerable to  observe all the personal hygiene protocols outlined by  the government and health institutions to combat the pandemic in the country.

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