DVLA phases out manual vehicle registration, adopts Ghana Card for identity verification


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has taken a significant step in enhancing security and reducing fraud by phasing out manual vehicle registration and related services.

The move towards a fully digital system aims to eliminate theft and false representation in transactions.

In an official statement, the DVLA announced, “This is necessary to enhance security, ensure traceability, accountability, and most importantly improve customer experience to drive productivity.”

The authority clarified that effective immediately, it will only accept the Ghana Card for identity verification across all its services. This decision aligns with the National Identity Registration Regulations, 2012 (LI 2111), which mandates the use of the National Identity Card for identity verification in transactions.

The DVLA emphasized, “Thus henceforth, the DVLA shall only accept the National Identification Card for identity verification for all its services.”

The statement highlighted that the shift to the Ghana Card is essential for enhancing security, ensuring traceability, and accountability, and improving customer experience to drive productivity.

The DVLA clarified, “The verification shall be conducted in person at any DVLA office or remotely through the mobile app ‘DVLA Verify,’ available for download on Google Play or Apple Store.”

The authority urged registered vehicle owners, stating, “Registered vehicle owners are also encouraged to visit any DVLA office to authenticate their vehicle record and complete biometric identity verification,” further reinforcing the commitment to a secure and streamlined digital process.


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