Election 2024: Debate between Mahama and Bawumia unnecessary, says Bawah Mogtari


Joyce Bawah Mogtari, spokesperson for the John Mahama Campaign Team, has dismissed calls for a pre-election debate between NDC flagbearer John Mahama and NPP flagbearer Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. Despite appeals from political analysts and stakeholders, Bawah Mogtari rejected the idea of such a debate.


In an interview on The Point of View on Channel One TV, Bawah Mogtari praised Mahama’s exceptional energy and vast knowledge but was hesitant to accept a debate invitation. She argued that the government’s current performance makes a debate unnecessary, expressing confidence in Mahama’s ability to outshine any presidential aspirant in a debate.


“I personally have no appetite for a debate, I think that we debate when we literally know that our issues are probably parallel…When I look at what we have, when I look at the current trajectory, when I look at the failings of this particular administration, I ask myself why do we need to put up with a debate? But of course, this is a decision that the upper people usually will make,” Bawah Mogtari said.


She added, “It’s not my decision to make, as the debates and conversations go along, maybe eventually some conversations will happen around it, and of course, who knows?”


Referring to past debates, she noted, “We do know all about the debates between John Mahama and then-candidate Akufo-Addo and we know who won those debates. So, I believe that the fact that Mr Mahama is a man whose energy and knowledge is unparalleled is not in doubt. And I’m sure on any day, whomever, I know he’s going to win the debate. But I don’t think that immediately I will want to see that you put them through strict proof first.”


Her comments underscore the campaign’s confidence in Mahama’s debating skills while questioning the necessity of a debate given the current political context.

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