Election 2024: My 33 policies as VP prove I deserve to be president, says Bawumia

Dr Mahamudu Bawumia inaugurating the plant
Dr Mahamudu Bawumia inaugurating the plant

New Patriotic Party flagbearer and Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has made a strong case for his promotion to the presidency, citing his track record of initiating and championing 33 cutting-edge policies during his tenure under the Akufo-Addo administration.

In contrast, he claimed his opponent, John Dramani Mahama, has not initiated any significant policies during his time as Vice President and President.

Addressing members of the NPP in the United Kingdom at a fundraising dinner dance held in London Dr. Bawumia highlighted his achievements and emphasized why he deserves the presidency in the upcoming 7 December 2024 elections.

“Most people say I have been the most impactful Vice President in the history of Ghana, and that is based on my performance. If you look at the policies I have initiated and championed in the last 8 years, you can count 33 policies,” he told the audience.

“Can you think of one policy, just one policy that John Mahama has initiated? So, the score between Bawumia and Mahama is 33 for Bawumia and Zero for Mahama. So, when it comes to the work of a Vice President, I have passed the exams, so I should be promoted as president of the Republic of Ghana. I should be promoted, and I want you to promote me,” Dr. Bawumia further remarked.

Possibilities/Next Gear

Dr. Bawumia outlined his vision for the presidency, emphasizing the need to promote a mindset of possibilities among Ghanaians rather than one of impossibilities. He reported that the first round of his 2024 campaign, which started on 29 April and ended on 12 June 2024, has been successful and impactful. From July, he plans to shift his campaign into higher gears leading up to the elections in November 2024.

“The campaign has started in earnest. We have done a tour of the 16 regions, and we just finished with Ashanti. I would like to thank the Ashanti regional chairman and all the campaign team in Ashanti for the massive show of force that everybody saw when we got there,” Dr. Bawumia said.

“I think going through the 16 regions, it is clear that the narrative is changing. There were people who, six months ago, did not believe that the NPP was going to win the 2024 elections, but I think that after talking about our record and talking about our vision for this country, minds have changed dramatically and NPP is in the position to win the 2024 elections.”

Choose Accountability

General Secretary of the NPP, Justin Frimpong Koduah, also addressed the NPP-UK members, stressing the importance of accountability in choosing a president. He noted that Dr. Bawumia, being eligible to run for two terms, would be more accountable to Ghanaians compared to the NDC candidate, who can only serve one term if elected.

“The question is, between a candidate who can run for two terms (8 years) and one who can only run for one term (4 years), who should be given the chance to be president. If we choose Dr. Bawumia, he will be forced to deliver because he will have the opportunity to come back to Ghanaians after four years to ask them to renew his mandate,” Justin Frimpong Koduah said.

Unwavering Support

Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong (Wofa K), chairman of the NPP-UK branch, assured Dr. Bawumia of their unwavering support, highlighting his leadership and accomplishments. “NPP-UK will work tirelessly to ensure we secure every constituency allocated to us in the December 2024 elections. We understand the significance of this task and we are prepared to rise to the occasion. Our dedicated members and effective communicators will be at the forefront championing Dr. Bawumia’s policies and advocating for the NPP’s vision across all platforms,” he said.

“Your involvement in over 30 policies ranging from the introduction of mobile money interoperability to the digitalisation of public services has already begun to reshape Ghana’s socio-economic landscape. Your leadership in these initiatives has proved that you are not just a visionary but also a pragmatic leader capable of delivering tangible results,” Adumattah Agyapong added.


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