Election 2024: We must protect our democracy – Asantehene


During the climax of his 25th anniversary of enstoolment as the 16th occupant of the Golden Stool, Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II issued a rallying cry for public vigilance in safeguarding the democratic process ahead of Ghana’s upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections on December 7.


In his address on Sunday, May 12, the Asantehene underscored the critical importance of maintaining a stable environment conducive to informed decision-making for the nation’s welfare. He emphasized, “This year is another election year. Our political leaders are already on a campaign trail and intend many months of combating campaigning ahead. After all our past experiences, we should make sure that our democracy is saved.”


The Asantehene’s words resonated with a call to action, urging citizens to remain vigilant and proactive in preserving the integrity of the electoral process. He cautioned against complacency, stating, “Nonetheless, we need to know that we cannot take things for granted. We must be alert to avoid anything that will derail the electoral process.”


Highlighting the fundamental importance of providing citizens with the appropriate environment for making informed choices, he stressed, “People need the right environment where they can make informed choices in the interest of the nation.”


Otumfuo Osei Tutu II’s message serves as a timely reminder of the collective responsibility to uphold democratic principles and ensure a fair and transparent electoral process. As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, his call for vigilance underscores the need for active participation and civic engagement to safeguard the democratic foundations of the nation.

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