Former news anchor Lerato Letsoso launches her debut book – ‘A Naija-Southy Affair’

Lerato Letsoso

It hasn’t been up to 24 hours since Lerato Letsoso’s book A Naija-Southy Affair went live on kindle store. Within just a few hours she took to social media to express her shock and joy over her first sale that was purchased by a U.K-based Author.

“This is a moment in history,” she said as she shared her plans for an official launch.

The is accompanied by a cover song also titled A Naija-Southy Affair, which is available on all major music platforms like Apple music and Spotify. This is an African love story like you’ve never read before. The story line focuses on integrated relationships and its challenges using the controversial relationship between Nigeria (Naija) and South Africa (Southy).

It is centred around the love affair between Chidi (A Nigerian man of Igbo descent) and Cikizwa (A South African woman of Xhosa descent). The book consists of 18 petite chapters and structured with the first Five chapters giving more of a background of the two nation’s relationship addressing some stereotypes while the rest of the chapters touch on the love story between Chidi and Cikizwa. You can expect a little drama, laughter and some tears for the  hopeless romantic.

“In this novel, Lerato courageously takes on the difficult and complicated relationship between Africa’s two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, through a personal love story. The relationship between the two nations – historical allies and modern-day adversaries – has deep implications for the personal relationships of their citizens.  This is the crux of Lerato’s novel. How these citizens manage the strong perceptions of each one’s nation against the other, within the tide of their strong personal relationships, makes for an interesting tale. 

“It also makes a strong case for African unity.  Lerato writes this book based on her experiences as a sister, friend and daughter of Africa who has had the privilege of living in different parts of Africa and suffering first hand, our penchant for emphasising our differences rather than embracing our similarities, as Africans. I find A Naija-Southy Affair refreshing. 

“One of the greatest causes of war or tension among nations is usually caused by the inability to relate or rather engage peacefully and I enjoy the love story between two of Africa’s giant nations which is a symbol of unity, hope and love.  May this be the beginning of a conversation that will promote an Africa that sees past nationality, tribe or politics,” stated Charlotte Osei, a former chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Ghana, Lawyer and International Elections Consultant said about the book.

Can Chidi and Cikizwa stand the test of time? Does their relationship survive the stereotype associated with their respective nationalities? Can their love flourish through the harsh realities of their obvious
cultural differences? Do these nations remain in bed with each other, do they wrestle it out or surrender to the pressure and complexity? Find out!

The book is now available as an e-book and paperback on kindle store and will be available as hard copy once the printers have resumed from lockdown.

Visit her Author page on Amazon for more and feel free to follow her on social media platforms @leratokayise

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