Ghanaian media entrepreneur Sandra Appiah featured in Forbes’ list of awesome Black women


For the past three years, in celebration of the intersection of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, I have written stories focused on black women that I have had the pleasure of meeting through my work.

In May of 2017, I also launched a web page celebrating “Black Women Everyone Should Know,” which began with a list of 28 women, and has since swelled to nearly 200 – with more being added every month.

Aside from recognizing the amazing work these women are doing, the list has been helpful on several occasions, when I have been contacted by individuals looking to broaden representation for events, collaborations, and other activities.

In case you wonder about my fascination with black women, you might enjoy the original story in which I first announced the Awesome Black Women list, as well as a more recent post in which I described a computer simulation that shows, quantitatively, why black women are better leaders.

But you don’t need a computer simulation to see why I think black women are so awesome: simply go to any event where you are likely to find professional black women, and you will see for yourself.

For example, you might consider this year’s Roadmap to Billions conference by Black Women Talk Tech, Black Enterprise’s Women of Power Summit, the 7th annual WomenWerk Conference, the Tapia conference, Afrotech, the Digital Diversity Network’s Women of Color in Tech events, or the Diversity & Inclusion Research Conference (disclaimer: I am a co-organizer of this event). And no matter where you live, you should be able to find a meetup or other local events featuring awesome black women speakers and panelists.

This year, rather than offering a lengthy list of names and titles, I wanted to dedicate more space to a smaller number of awesome black women. This is only a fraction of all the awesome women I have had the pleasure of meeting in the past 12 months, and they represent a broad range of backgrounds, ages and domains of expertise.

I encourage you to read through each of the descriptions below, look up these amazing women’s profiles, and share their links – or this blog – with anyone in your network who is looking for an awesome individual to fill a board seat, to give a talk at an event, to collaborate on a project, or to provide you high-quality products or services.

Sandra A. Babu-Boateng

Sandra Appiah Babu-Boateng is the Co-founder and President of PanaGenius Inc., a U.S.-based pan-African tech company building and operating the most impactful, admired and authoritative digital media brands for global blacks.

The company is home to brands like Face2face Africa, one of the largest and fastest-growing black-owned media platforms and an international reference for pan-African news, culture, history and innovation, currently reaching over 5 million monthly readers across the world.

This 30-year-old powerhouse is passionate about using media and technology to connect black communities and speak authentically to the stories that shape and define their experiences as global black citizens.

Sandra was born in Ghana and grew up in the United States. In 2013, she was featured in Forbes’ inaugural 30 African Entrepreneurs Under 30 list.


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