Ghana’s newly passed anti-LGBTQ+ bill undermines human rights – US government


The United States has voiced profound concern over Ghana‘s recent passage of the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, commonly known as the anti-LGBTQ+ bill, by its parliament on Wednesday.

The US emphasises that this move poses a threat to constitutional freedoms in the West African country.

This legislation aims to criminalise various aspects related to homosexuality, including its promotion, advocacy, funding, and actual acts. Under the provisions of the bill, those who take part in LGBTQ sexual acts could face imprisonment ranging from six months to three years. The bill also imposes a prison sentence of three to five years for the “wilful promotion, sponsorship, or support of LGBTQ+ activities”.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the US urged a thorough review of the bill’s constitutionality to safeguard the rights of all individuals in Ghana. The US further highlighted that curtailing the rights of any group within society undermines the rights of all citizens.

“The United States is deeply troubled by the Ghanaian Parliament’s passage of legislation, officially called the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, which would threaten all Ghanaians’ constitutionally protected freedoms of speech, press, and assembly,” Matthew Miller, department spokesperson said.

“The bill seeks to criminalise any person who simply identifies as LGBTQI+, as well as any friend, family, or member of the community who does not report them. Limiting the rights of one group in a society undermines the rights of all. The United States echoes the call by those Ghanaians who have urged a review of the constitutionality of the bill to protect the rights of all individuals in Ghana.”

Moreover, the US expressed concerns about the potential adverse impacts of this legislation on Ghana’s public health, media, civic spaces, and economy. International business coalitions have already warned that such discriminatory measures could hinder business operations and economic growth in the country.

Ghana, known for its tradition of tolerance, peace, and respect for human rights, has served as a model for many nations globally. The US stressed that the proposed legislation contradicts these core values and, if enacted, would undermine Ghana’s longstanding tradition of stability and prosperity.

The statement underscores the importance of upholding fundamental freedoms and protecting the rights of all individuals in Ghana, emphasizing the need for legislative measures that are in line with these principles.


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