Ghana’s parliament is now a place to make money – Okudzeto

Sam Okudzeto
Sam Okudzeto

A former Ghanaian MP, Sam Okudzeto, has bemoaned the current state of parliament, describing it as a money-making place instead of making laws for the nation.

According to him, a lot of individuals are fighting to go to Parliament because they see it as easy access to enrich their pockets instead of serving the nation.

Speaking on Asaase Radio’s Townhall Talk, he said this has resulted in some MPs entering the House without contributing to any debate.

“Over the years you can see that parliament has been a place for making money if you like to put it that way. And so many go there and you don’t know the basis for their being there,” the legal practitioner stated.

He added: “There are some people who may not even open their mouth and so you don’t know what they are there for. Many of them will miss the parliamentary session because they will come as and when they feel like it and yet this is the period where they are being well paid.”

Okudzeto lashed out at political parties over their failure to ensure the right persons are picked as parliamentary candidates.

“That is where the failing is coming from, because I think the party organization, the party structure is creating the problem. People are using money to buy votes… my view is that parties should not impose a candidate.”

He stated: “Well, I’ve been worried about parliament for quite a period now. Having been there before and appreciating that much work was done in committees and therefore the floor of the House sometimes is like a show place for people to share their views. But the rancor over the years which compels me often to ask both sides as to whether they appreciate what I call national interest; that in all things they must look at national interest…”

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