GIVING BACK: Could We All Just Spread Some Love?


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”Winston Churchill, British statesman

Fluttering its wings, the butterfly hovers. It stops, finally, settling on its target: a flower as colorfully designed as itself. Its proboscis uncoils, reaches into the flower’s center, and sucks sweet nectar.


Nearby, another winged fella is also at work, doing same. The bee might be a little smaller than the guy-next-door, but this buzzing black-and-yellow blur gets an A for the sheer effort it puts in. Make that an A+ — and give the pretty ‘fly that score, too, for they are the real MVPs.

As it turns out, they’re taking more than just food from the flower. Flying off, and flitting between perches, they pick up fine pollen and spread some around, facilitating the process that makes the world go round. 

The principle at work here?
Take some, give back.

It’s a principle that has made, and could yet make, the world a better place. Whatever we are/have is a consequence of what the circle of life feeds us. That feeding may not yield much — the bee remains small, after all, with the butterfly only relatively bigger — but we will still always have enough to give back; to spread some love.

It’s what makes the world go round, you know.

Images: Jonah Yankson
Text: NY Frimpong 
Source: Daily Mail GH

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