Group commends Starr FM’s Edward Adeti for rejecting bribe to not expose Judge

Edward Adeti of Starr FM
Edward Adeti of Starr FM

A group calling itself the Karanjar Crusaders Movement Ghana has commended Starr FM’s investigative journalist, Edward Adeti, for resisting pressure mounted on him to not expose the Upper East Regional Supervising High Court Judge, Justice Jacob Boon, and some officials of the Shaanxi Mining Ghana Limited.

Justice Boon is said to have held private meetings at his residence in Bolgatanga with officials of the Chinese company who were standing trial before him in a case with the Cassius Mining Company at the Bolgatanga High Court One.

After they were spotted at the judge’s residence a number of times during an undercover investigation by Adeti and were confronted by the investigative journalist, the Shaanxi officials presented five thousand Ghana cedis and a brand-new motorbike to him as bribe to kill the story.

He took the bribe items to the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) as evidence and published in December, 2018, the same story they sought to kill.

The undercover  investigation led to Justice Boon recusing himself from the Cassius-versus-Shaanxi case and the bribery scandal led to the resignation of Rockson Bukari, a Minister of State at the Presidency, after his voice was heard on a leaked tape trying to facilitate bribe for Adeti to not expose the judge, whom he referred to on the tape as his friend, and the Shaanxi officials.

The Cassius-versus-Shaanxi case has been referred to the Bolgatanga High Court Two presided over by Justice Asmah Akwesi Asiedu.

Below is the full statement issued to the media Wednesday by the leader of the pressure group,  Sadat Jambeidu.


Greetings from the crusaders.  Edward Adeti is indeed a citizen and not a spectator as required by President Nana Addo. We need to commend the young man for refusing to take a bribe that other journalist would have grabbed if given the opportunity.

Edward is a fine journalist known to us crusaders long before now and we are not in any way surprised when he exposed the bribe that was offered to him by then Minister of state, Mr. Rockson Bukari.

The said dirty bribe was given by the minning company through dishonest Rockson Bukari to be forwarded to the Saint journalist, Mr. Adeti.

Edward Adeti was the same journalist who fought for the wrongfully dismissed Doctor till he was reinstated. Mr. Adeti is now a hero in the Upper East Regional Hospital in particular and the region and state in general owing to his fearless crusade against injustice.

Edward Adeti was equally the same fine gentleman who fought BONABOTO, the Court and Dr. Issah’s wife when the Tribal BONABOTO and the Tribal judge (at the Bolgatanga District Magistrate Court) awarded damages against him only for CHRAJ to clear Dr. Awoonor-Williams of any wrongdoing.

Hmmmmmm, this same hero of the Region (Edward Adeti) has now become an enemy for exposing the ills in society and for exposing the self styled incorruptible Hon. Rockson Bukari.

Did we just called him Honourable? Sorry,he is Dishonorable.  Today, sections of Ghanaians think we should not have eulogized him (Mr Adeti) for the wonderful job done by fighting injustice for the poor, that’s you and me, funny world abi? He who calls for equity must come with clean hands. Dishonourable Rockson Bukari has indeed showed he is pretending not to be corrupt but in actual sense, he is one of the most corrupt people under this corrupt supportive government.

We are therefore calling the security agencies as a matter of urgency to provide high powered security to this fine journalist who has become an anti corruption crusader because Ghanaians do not want to joke with the security of this fine journalist as long as this expose’ is concerned.

We are by this release advising government to caution his appointees because corruption is becoming a normal norm in the country and if care is not taken, we will drive all our investment partners away because of our corrupt attitude.


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