How 10 pesewas daily could cater for your bills


The Bible states in Hosea 4:6 that “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.  This is exactly the plight of Naa Kwarley, a 25-year-old trader in Accra. I met Naa Kwarley at the reception of an Accra-based hospital, visibly disturbed. I couldn’t help but approach her and find out what was troubling her.

She informed me that her mother fell sick and had been admitted at the hospital. So, I got to know that money to settle her mother’s hospital bill was the cause of her troubles. Her mother’s sickness was sudden and shocking, and the whole family was struggling to pay for the bills. At this moment, she was feeling helpless as the bills kept piling up. And it looked like there was no help coming from anywhere. In addition, her business was also not doing too well.  

Naa Kwarley’s story would have been different if she had known about AirtelTigo insurance. Her story reminds me of Lydia Mensah, who found herself in a similar situation.  She was quite fortunate to have been signed onto AirtelTigo’s Hospital Support Policy that came in handy during her cash-strapped moment. Lydia was saved from the frustrations of not having money to pay her hospital bills when she got admitted at the hospital for 10 nights.

She recounts how difficult life would have been had she not received benefits from her AirtelTigo insurance policy. All she did was to take her excuse note and ID card to a local AirtelTigo branch where she completed a straightforward claims process. Within three days of filing for her claims, she received cash in her AirtelTIgo Money wallet.

By paying only 10Gp daily on the AirtelTigo network, you can also cover yourself and one family member just like Lydia. Signing onto an insurance policy for yourself and your family is important. Like Naa Kwarley, you may not know when you will find yourself in dire need of money.

 AirtelTigo, in collaboration with BIMA, the country’s leading provider of mobile delivered health and insurance services, provides customers access to simple and affordable insurance products. This is part of AirtelTigo’s long-commitment to reaching the uninsured population through mobile insurance and closing the wide gap in insurance inclusion in Ghana.

AirtelTigo Insurance since its launch in 2010 has paid out 40,000 claims worth over GHS 15 million to insured families in Ghana. The number and magnitude of the payouts indicates the increasing prevalence of insurance in Ghana and the vital role it plays in ensuring financial stability for families.

Over 2 million people in Ghana are covered by AirtelTigo Insurance. The policies provide life, hospital or accident cover for a customer and one family member for as low as 10 pesewas daily.  What’s very cool? Customers can now process their claims digitally from the comfort of their homes using WhatsApp.

This is a true demonstration of a network making life simple as they help Ghanaians nationwide with affordable and easy-to-use insurance solutions. The initiative consolidates AirtelTigo’s financial inclusion proposition and marks another innovation in the Ghanaian telecom industry.

Customers can sign up for insurance and health services from their mobile phones and pay premiums through small daily payments.

Save yourself from situations such as suffered by Naa!  You certainly cannot afford not to take advantage of AirtelTigo insurance. With only 10 pesewas you and a member of your family are covered. Call 550 or dial *550# to join the AirtelTIgo insurance family!

By Ama Amponsah

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